Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Date With Mr.Gröhn

50's dress + Cat eye sunglasses  + Leather jacket

Hello sunshine day! =)
Don't know what to start... I'm getting myself ready for my date.
And I have absolutely nothing to wear, my boyfriend have already seen all my dresses.
( All girls have the same problem.) #girlsproblem
I got this dress from my mom. I love it very much!<3
Nothing to think about it. Ii's a classic look, circle dress, cat eye sunglasses and leather jacket.
It's sunny day but still pretty damn cold!!
50's look, but I'm not going to put 50's make up on me, just too lazy to clean my face.
It's so bullshit! When we can never work it out, and I just can't stop thinking.
What's going to happen to us after summer begins?
The only thing that I can say is I love him. <3
Have a nice day<3

Friday, April 17, 2015

The dress


Finally! Finally I started making patterns yesterday. And I got the most important things done.
I remade my old dress that I made last year,( I wasn't happy with it ) so I cut it in two pieces.
Now it fits much better then the fail 50's dress. XD
Thank god that I still have old fabrics left, I don't have much money to spend on material.
My mind just flew away yesterday. No concentration at all!
 A machine needle almost got my finger cut.
I just hope all the positive thoughts will come back soon.