Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Relax With Afternoon Tea

 This morning I was so exhausted and I almost got a heart attack because I lost my phone.
Plus I have my bank card, driving license and Kela card in my phone case.
People said to me : Never ever put any cards in phone's case.
I blamed myself. But thank God! Robin found it the car.
Now I can just relax. 
Nothing is better than have a free time to relax and have some tea and some sweet.
Every time I see doughnuts, I can only think off Mister Donut or Dunkin' Donuts.
Pon de ring is the best of the best.
Here I can't even find good donuts. But I heard that they will open a Dunkin' Donuts here
in Finland. Can we still hope for that?

Have a nice day. <3

An old photo from last summer in Thailand. Those Pon de ring! Nam nam.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

You Are My Today And All Of My Tomorrows

Hello Tuesday!
Well... we actually thought today is Monday. 
Maybe we had too long vocation but it was only four days. I still think I haven't had enough Thai food.
We had a small test today and I spent too much time reading. It was easy, we had it before.
But how can we forgot about it? Today I survived but today is another day and tomorrow we have the test again.
However, I felt better and stronger than ever. It always good to be home.

As you can see some my photos, they aren't beautiful.
 I am often so lazy to edit all photos and I Just did photo collages. It's a way to upload photos.
Since it was still a problem with mobile blogging.
We were in Oscar restaurang in Viking Grace ferry. Excellent food! 
Glazed lamb shank and Oven roasted arctic char.I thought I couldn't eat a fish but I did.

 With mom and boyfriend at cafe in Maxinge Center. We tasted liquorice yogurt!

 Coffee coffee and coffee. And Robin was almost dead to see his old friends.

Mom made  Kanom Tago. ( Thai dessert with coconut milk topping ) They were so sweet.
No wonder why Robin ate a lot.

Lazy Frasse. 

Home sweet home! Chicken tortilla and apple with thai fruit dip. :D 

Have a nice day. <3

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Easter With Love

Happy Easter everyone!
I am 100 % sure, I'll miss the sun more than snow when I get back to the mainland.
Today is absolutely the most beautiful day so far. 
My mom and I dressed up and took photos again.
The good weather ,makes the good photos. :) Some photos are from my mom's Samsung. Those are beautiful photos.
We had dinner at 5 O'clock.  We had lamb, potato gratin and stir bambo and mushroom with minced pork.
Ice-cream for dessert and the last thing we can't forget to eat on Easter is..... Memma.
Memma or Memmi is a traditional Finnish dessert. It's a pudding but doesn't look like a pudding or taste like a pudding.
Finns love it but most of foreigners hate it. Even my Finnish boyfriend says no thank you for it.
I'm so happy to see my family. I'm already packed my belongs, tomorrow we will leave Åland Island.
I'm not ready yet but what can I do? Being with family is absolutely the most beautiful thing you can do.

Good night everyone! <3

Friday, March 25, 2016

Back To 70's

Hello Friday! 
This is my second time I use mobile blogging. It actually works okay.
But it jumps to the top and bottom when I try to write. It is a little irritated.
But it's better than nothing.
Is anyone having fun like me and my mom? Robin visited his friends and I am at home with my mom. I thought we were going to have Easter dinner today but it's tomorrow we are going to celebrate Easter.
I asked my mom, if she is interested to dress up and take photo with me and 
she said yes.
I wear polka dots shoulder off top from J J market and bell bottom pants from my mom, boots from h&m and cherry earrings from some shop in Helsinki.
We took lot of photos. It was long time ago since I took photo with her.
We had fun but today is a little bit cold than yesterday.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

My Sweet Day

It was little quarter over past two. I can be more happy to see the sun and flowers.

Chocolate eggs. My life is suck without chocolates.

Frasse came in by using  his own door for the first time. 

 I just kissed and kissed this man. I'm happy to be with him.

I caught him on camera. Seems like he's acting in the music video.

Simple & good! Papaya sallad and fish bolls soup.
Hale's Blue Boy drink and wine. Not bad a taste of wine but still not my favorite.

Found those gifts on my table in my lovely room. Thank you mom! 

Happy Easter! And Good Night! 

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Love Is Waiting For Us

I'm feeling little homesick and I can't wait to go back to Åland Island.
I'm missing home and everyone there.
We're going to leave Kouvola at 4 a.m. on Thursday. That was my reason why I'm so lazy.
I can see myself, don't care about learning Finnish. Since yesterday our heads were almost explored,
Finnish grammar is so difficult. We got enough for this. But it wasn't enough, when one of my classmates used his phone in the class. The teacher asked him why?
He told us a bad news that happened this morrning in Bryssel, Belgien. It got us more headache. 
Our teacher ran out and took a laptop back with her. We saw the news from BBC and she also explained to us from Finnish news online. 
I can't say a word. But this is sick! I saw Wadia cried today, the same thing happened to her hometown few days ago. 
I felt her pain because  it's still a war in southern Thailand and it's surely been war over 10 years.
Government doesn't care about it anymore. 
I can only say peace for tomorrow.

Speaking of Wadia, she invited me to Bella restaurang yesterday. (Don't remember exactly the name.)
I ate good kebab with rice, I was very hungry. Thank you so much, Wadia. Next time is my turn.
 Wadia has invited me and my boyfriend many times
but we never have free time on weekends.

A day without chocolates or any sweet buns is would be a horrible day for me.
I tried to force myself : eat more vegetables and fruits.
How can I force myself? I'm addicted to chocolates. Let try again next week.
As you can see I have under eye bags.
 I finally used under eye strips for this month. Don't even no when was the last I used them.
I should use them more often before they are expired.
 I still have a lot of them and many other bands.
But I use tea bags almost every morning. It works well as long as I don't start to cry.

Good night. <3 

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Eat Street Food Helsinki



Hi Sunny day!
Don't you just feel warm on your face and my heart start to beat fast and faster like it will jump out
from your chest........ when you see food?
I absolutely love street food! Living in Thailand street food is common and very cheap.
It's the easiest way to find food.
But in Finland it's hard to find, when Robin and I get hungry all we can think about is McDonald's.
Robin told me last week about Eat Strret Food Helsinki. There's no way I can say no!
We were with Robin's stepfather yesterday in Eat Street Food Helsinki.
I can see smaile on Robin's face as always. I expected some good Roti, but it was not even good and
we waited so long. We tasted Bangkok street food as first. We ate Khai Ping ( Grilled Eggs )
and Robin's stepfather ate baby shrimps.
Sursprisingly... I love Deeep fried luisiana onion is taste good with snakebite dip.
Which reminds me of Thai deep fried bread with minced pork. It's so delicious!
Don't let me say much. I don't want to see my tears drop and start to be homesick again.
Well, I had enough food, even my tongue noticed it was already greasy.
It was another good day for us. Food is the most important for us.
And I also did my homework, I felt so shy to speak Finnish out loud but it went great.

Have a nice day. <3