Thursday, February 25, 2016

No One Can Get In The Way Of what I Feel For You

What a release day! On Tuesday we had a big Finnish test. That was what teacher said say : big test!
I was 100 % sure, I spelled some words wrong.
I was so released after we got our tests back today. I almost ran back to my home.
60 points out of 60 points! I did my best. Our teacher said it's okay that I spelled wrong. :)
At least a thing good  happened to me. 
Well, as you can see in the pictures. Those pictures ware taken in Tuuri.
 I was wearing a dress from American Apparel.
This dress always reminds me of the first day I met my boyfriend.
Every time I think of it, it got me smile from ear to ear. 

Good night.<3 

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Ahtari Zoo

After we left Tuuri on Sunday, we stopped by at the Ahtari zoo.
Lucky Sunday wasn't cold like I imaged.
My mind was empty and had no ideas why my boyfriend wanted to show me the zoo.
Maybe, he sees me as a child or It's a place that I am used to visit. :D
Surprisingly, I was excited! The animals are so cute.  
We saw some animals ran an hid when I tried to catch them on camera.
Seeing them made my heart warm and calm but the moment like this never lasts forever.

Have a good day! <3

Monday, February 22, 2016

Welcome To Tuuri

How are you? I'm so tired as always.
I shouldn't be sitting and blogging at all cause I have Finnish Test tomorrow.....
On Saturday we went to Tuuri and stayed in Onnen Tahti hotel for a night.
I love their unicorn logo. It's so cute. :D
It isn't a bad idea for being away from home but having more time, it would be much better.
I see the time flies, I must go and read. I'll write more tomorrow.

Good night. <3

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Romwe Tryon

 Sunday 24th January, I ordered clothes from Romwe and they was shipped on Wednesday.
That was it said on e-mail. It took two weeks, I got packet last Monday.
There's one items is out of order, which means I should get my money back but I haven't got it yet.
It's okay. I got them now so I'm glad.
I had not read about the other experience about Romwe before I ordered.
If you heard about Romwe, you know it's a cheap shopping online side.
I heard both negative and positive comments. The sizes, shipping, wrong items, refund
I was no longer sure I'll get my orders.
This was the first time I shopped online. One of the biggest reasons I never shopped online before,
cause I was too scared that I won't get things I want. 
As we knew clothes from Romwe are sickly cheap and yes, they made from Asia.
You can't expect any perfect quality from them. I was very happy for what I got.
Even I know I have pear body type, I either expect the clothes to fit me well.
I tried my new clothes on before I sewed them in. On the bottom they fitted perfectly good but
on the top they loose, sadly I lost few kg. They looked terrible on me.
But now the problem is off. Here what I got from Romwe.
A white blouse, a white dress, anchor earrings, brooch, necklace, choker and a red dress that 
I had on Saturday. You can see it on my previous post here.

Good night.<3

White Blouse <3 Here <3

<3 White Cut Out Dress <3 
Anchor Earrings <3  Here <3
Anchor necklace <3 Here <3

Anchor Brooch <3  Here <3

Choker <3 Here <3

Sunday, February 14, 2016

My Valentine

Happy  Valentine's Day! <3
Are you going out today or have you already done it? I got a red dress from Romwe just in time.
So happy it fits on Valentine theme. Robin and I were in Restaurante Olé last night.
This restaurant is Robin's favorite place. I gave Robin a card and chocolate baking. 
I must say girls expect roses on Valentine's Day from their boyfriends more than anything else.
Am I right? :D On Friday Robin come home and gave me a gift. 
When I saw the paper wrapped  on it, I couldn't think about anything else only a tree. 
He bought me a tree? Lately he told me that was orchid and he gave me a good reason why he bought it instead for roses. The orchid stays longer then roses, it was last for months.
This man is deeply romantic person.  And he also gave me hearts earrings as Anniversary gift.
Just wait to see what I will give him next week. :)

Have a good day! <3

Dress : Romwe  Earrings :  H&M  Shoes : Dinsko