Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Leave The Bad Things behind And Start A Good New Year.

 Cat top : JJ Market  Old short : Kappahl 
Oatly  for breakfast!

Maybe, it's the best thing to waking up without snow outside.
What do you have for plans on New Year' Eve?
For me, all I need is having squids with spicy dip.
We went to Fish shop and bought some seafood there. I don't really like the smell of the seafood.
How can it be so different from fresh market in Thailand? 
Tomorrow I'm going to celebrate New Year with my family and have seafood for dinner.
My friends are in the mainland and in Sweden. I would love to hang with them.
But we all have problems, that we need to find solutions. 
Sometimes being away from home or everyone, it may help us feel better.
I wanted it too. Where should I go? Thailand?
At least Robin has checked the fights around Europe. 
I can never stop loving this man! He always makes me happy.

But before I finish writing this post, I must say thank you for all the bad things that has happened.
It teaches me to trust the right people.
Who's important and who is not. It makes me feel stronger. 
As Kwan said ''be reasonable and be concentrate.''  
I'll leave bad things in this year. 

Have A Happy New Year!

 Tomorrow I will eat you up. Lobsters! 

Frasse got a new toy.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015


Here comes the day we've been waiting for.
Not everyone is waiting for it. It wasn't windy at all, little sunshine but it's still cold as usual. 
But I think it would be great idea to get out and take some photos.
I'm 100% sure that my friends in Thailand want to see how is the weather here.
Frasse was very enjoyed this cold weather. ( As I saw him. ) He run and jumped around. 
All my photos that I've been taking, they aren't perfect. I just enjoy taking and sharing my photos.
Maybe, I should learn more about photography. 
Things I learned  from school, it's already gone with the wind.

Good night <3

Frasse didn't want to be in my arms.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Barbie Girl

Pictures from Christmas Day.

I'm laughing hard at my self. I'm feeling like a small girl again. :D
No one understands me and I don't understand my self. 
I didn't buy anything new, just wore old clothes on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.
This year I had red skirt on me. I never wear red or white on Christmas. 
Thought it's going to be good for me, when I can sleep on my own bed.........
I still have bad sleep. Can anyone tell me what to do?
I tried Barbie mask sheet, that I bought from Thailand. Just to see if it will make my face looks fresh.
It felt fresh but the sheet was too big for me. 
Well, I still have eye bags and dark circles. No wonder why they called me ''Chinese''.
I have panda eyes. :D All I can do is get some good sleep.
Now I'm having my Barbie top on. Must go to sleep.

Sweet Dreams! <3

Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas : Day 2

Good evening! How was your Christmas?
My stomach is full with food in 2 days. I surely don't need food in few days. 
Every one enjoyed the food. Specially, Tom yam goong. But they said it was quite strong favor.
Specially, bean sauce. Yes, mom did a bit spicy. Even I felt it too. :D
She didn't make any special dishes, just simple dishes. I guess, you all have heard about it.
Tom yam goong, Green Curry, Vegi spring rolls and Satay. 
It was a wonderful day when we all spent time together. 

You can only find true love at home! 

Good Night! <3

Frasse! You're so lazy!

My gifts : Angel candle and lollipops. 

Thursday, December 24, 2015

My Christmas : Day 1

Good night and good morning.
Don't really know what to say.... I should go to sleep. It's soon 2 a.m.
But I can finally say Merry Christmas! I sent texts to my friends yesterday and they said : Tomorrow is Christmas. Why you said it early?
Well, sorry. Here in Finland we celebrate on Christmas Eve. 
And we are going to celebrate Christmas today again. But it's going to be Thai food and maybe ham.
We celebrated Christmas at Jalle and Ritva's house. They have so beautiful house.
I love to be home at Christmas! Only Christmas!
It wasn't about food or gifts. It's just happiness and joy.
But sadly, I can't stop thinking about having dinner without grandma Rut. 

Now I have to go to bed. 
Good night again! <3
A card from Jenni.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Sweet Home Maarianhamina

 It's always good to be home. I already felt like I was home, when I stepped in to the ferry.
It's such a good thing to hear people speak Swedish!
 I got my early Christmas presents, I'm so happy that I don't need anything else.
My boyfriend got a PlayStation 4 for 2 weeks ago. 
I disagreed what people say that when your boyfriend 
is concentrated on playing games, they won't be interested in you.
 Right now, I think they're right about it. But who cares? I got Victoria's Secret underwear.
I bought four panties and got to choose a Victoria's Secret mist for a gift.
I saw Diana bought Strawberries & Champagne mist so I chose that. I'm not sure if I'll use it.
It's very hard for me to choose the right fragrance. I hate the smell of people, who put so much fragrance on their bodies, it felt like they just walked out from the garden.
It makes me dizzy sometimes. 
And the anchor piercing I accidentally bought from Helsinki. So beautiful!

I came to Mariehamn at 1.30 am. Before that at the bus stop while I waited for someone picking me up, it was 2 girls asking me if I need a drive home.  But I said : No, thank you! 
Thank you for your kindness! :)
I recognized her somewhere here, maybe from old school. 
I always mistakenly called my mom's cat Hanse. His name is actually Frasse.
Well, I have no ideas where it came to my mind.
I didn't get sleep directly. I just played with Frasse and read my old diary.
Wow, I totally forgot what I and Robin had been through last year. 
How can happiness never last long?

Nothing is better than your mom's cooking. Just agree with me! 
I'm craving  for mango salad for days and months. Still, haven't found mangoes.
But mom made winged beans salad instead and brown rice. It's always delicious! 
And of course Ice-Cream for dessert!
They said I need to eat more before I go back to the mainland. :P

Good Night Åland! <3

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Star Wars Fever


Is anyone going to see Star Wars today? Or you've already seen it.
Robin wanted to see it before I leave the town. Was it world premiere yesterday?
Anyway, Robin booked tickets at 5 p.m. He must be excited cause he loves all out space movies.
I remember when my mom took me to see Star Wars. I wasn't interested, I guessed I was just only 9.
One thing I remember about the movies is laser swords. 
Since I saw Max Factor commercial couple weeks ago. 
I noticed Star Wars fever is heating up everywhere.
I don't have any Star Wars clothes, if I had I'll put it on today. :D
Jesus! It's almost 2 p.m. I have a meeting with Jenelyn in about an hour. 
Sadly, she's moving away from Kouvola.................

Have a nice day. <3

 Credit : Pinterest

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Capital Of H : Helsinki

This stressful week is over! Now I can enjoy Christmas vocation. When do I have it?
Just enjoy this month. I felt so disappointed with everything I've tried so hard this year.
I just failed it all. This year isn't my year but next year will be my lucky year! 
I'll try again.
( Actually, I checked my horoscope. It seems to be a good year for me. ) ;)  
I mean I hope so.......
I woke up 5 a.m. and had quickly breakfast, put some makeup on and walked 
to railway station. I met up Jenni right away and walked to Forum.
I bought some Christmas presents. We also visited a Victoria's Secret shop. 
I'll be leaving Kouvola on Friday, back to Åland. There's a VS shop in the Viking Grace ferry too. :)
I will spend some money there. 
Then we went to Thai Embassy for getting my new passport. Jenni was very excited and took photos around the building . :) 
I knew I'll have a problem with scanning my fingers cause my hands always sweat.
I haven't have Botox for a year! But the lady,who works there, she was so nice and understood.
She said : It's okay. Just take it easy. Everything will be fine. 
Jenni said it took so long to waiting for me there. Last summer I went to Thailand, I was stuck in passport control. It didn't scan my finger, It won't me let in to my home land! 
I did more than 4 times before I could get in. 

 Tom Yam goong ( Spicy Shrimp Soup )

 I always wanted to take photo in beautiful city of Helsinki but always forget it.
The biggest reason is must be Thai food. We can barely walk after having lunch.
Jenni wished to have lunch in Thai restaurant in Forum.  
I'm so glad I have good friends that enjoy Asian food. Cause I enjoy Thai food more than burgers.
I was more interested in salad menu, mango spicy salad is the best but who could help me eat? 
Jenni is not good eating spicy food but she was fine this time. 
We had Mee kati and Tom yam goong. I miss my mom's cooking!

Robin threw his head on a pillow so I must say good night. <3

A photo that I don't close my eyes.
And thank you a girl, who helped us with taking this photo. :)