Thursday, July 28, 2016

Never Let Go Of Your Dreams

It's raining outside right now. Little pouring rain won't kill anyone.
It should rain yesterday cause the weather was heat. School day went okay, still boring as usual.
Tomorrow is Friday. Isn't a nice day that we've been waiting for?
I don't have no plans for tomorrow, only wish school ends early. 
Today I'm wearing a choker and a jade bracelet from China. Both things I got from my mom.
I showed a jade bracelet to Pan Li. She said it's for good luck. :)
If you read my blog before, you knew that I mentioned  many things I got from my mom and aunt.
It's normal for Asian parents. They're like that. You can also search Asian parents and watch on YouTube. I watched last week. It's so funny. I must get going.
Good night everyone. <3

Tank top & Boots : H&M / Jeans : Levis/ Choker ( a gift ) : Thailand / Jade bracelet : China

Wednesday, July 27, 2016


Hello Wednesday!
How are you? For me I'm already tired after school day started.
We got new students. That's a good thing happened in this week.
Right now I'm feeling okay so I must get start doing a post.
Here are some pictures from our trip in Lapland and Sweden. 
The weather was nice, rainy, windy and sunny in Lapland.
Our destination was Three-Country Cairn. 
Three-Country Cairn is a marking point where Norway, Finland and Sweden meet.
Robin knew that I'm not that kind of a person, who would do a bungee jump, who would be in forest.
 I'm not like the other girls robin took home before and I will never be.
So I didn't expect that he would propose to me, which he told me ,it will never happen if I can do one thing for him. As I said to him before, I can't do it cause I don't even have a reason.
When we were at the marking point and done taking photos. I quickly said : let go back to the boat. 
He said wait and acted normal. I thought he wanted more pictures cause a nice man took us two pictures. We had a tripod, why not use it? Later there were four persons left on the place.
He started talking weird : Thank you for coming with me, I know you don't like camping.....
I love you so... He imagined many things and then I just kidded with him where is the ring.
He gave me a shy smile and said I have a gift for you. I said it right away Don't do that!
There were still people in the place. I didn't know if he tried to joke around.
 In meanwhile my tears dropped and then he got down his knee. I laughed and cried.
One of the reasons I cried I thought chocolate was a gift to me.
In the moment I thought what we have been through and I could only think about happiness.
Thank you, Robin!

Have a nice day. <3

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Greeting From Mariehamn

Hello from the other side.... 
Hello from Mariehamn.
How do you do? 
We arrived to Mariehamn yesterday. Today we went to Bomarsund. 
Like I told you before, we will travel to the north Finland then to Mariehamn. 
We did it and something good happened. It's a big step for us. He proposed to me!! 
I'll tell you more and post pictures from our journey.
 I'm so happy with everything and my mom is fine. No words to describe.
Now I wish your tomorrow is the best.  
Good night. <3