Friday, May 29, 2015

Robin's graduation

First of all I want to say congratulations to my honey!
You're deserved it!
After four years you have been here, you can finally go home to your mommy! ;)
His parents came here on Wednesday. His mom asked if My mom and I will make Thai food, but we got no time. So we had dinner in Thai-Isan restaurant instead.
Time files..... 
On Thursday Robin received his bachelor degree from Åland University Of Applied  Sciences.
A new mechanical engineer is born.
When the ceremony ends, we picked up Tor-Erik and we cerebrated for him at my house.
Later that day Robin was out to cerebrating with his friends and we made some sushi for his parents.
Glad to see when Babo loves tasting wasabi. :)
Here comes the day I'm without him again..................
I tried not to thinking of him but it seems hard already, after a year we spent time here together.

Just know that whatever happens tomorrow I will always love you.
Robin had a conversion with a retried captain Tor-Erik.  

Good Night <3

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Play With A Bag Strap


My boyfriend and his friend took me to their university yesterday.
He said that they have to collect their project again, he didn't know how long it will take
but I can wait there.
I got very weird feelings when I walked in with them.
I almost forgot what was the feeling to be in school.
While they worked on their project.... five minutes later.... I was so bored.
And unlucky my phone battery was 37% left.
I looked in my bag, it was nothing to play with and I know my phone battery will die before
they finish their project.
My eyes lighted it up! I looked straight to my bag and I got the ideas!
Maybe I can play with my bag strap?
So I came up with few ideas.

 Original lindex bag.

Good Night<3

Monday, May 25, 2015

William's Baptism Ceremony & Diana's Wedding

With Mr. Robin <3 Thanks for the happiness! <3 

We arrived to Helsinki on Friday. I already felt that happiness was waiting for me there.
We went from the harbor to bus station by a tram. :) Damn! I was so exciting!
Then we took a bus straight to his parents' house.
My boyfriend was exciting too. He took out his Honda motorcycle and drove around the town.
I got to meet and hold William for the first time. He was adorable! <3
Sadly, Sara didn't let me come close to her like the last I saw her. :/
Later we drove to Porvoo for meeting Jennifer and his friends.

Saturday was the big day for Diana. It was two ceremonies.
 Little William's baptism ceremony and her wedding.  :)
I was so happy to be there and celebrated with everyone. Even though I'm still the outside. 
I took many pictures but they aren't perfect, I already forget the whole things that 
I learned from photo course in school. :P
I guess I haven't been so happy since I moved back home.
It was so amazing weekend. I felt much better.
And surprisingly my boyfriend told me how he felt after he saw his sister got married. :P
I never gonna believe those words would ever come out from his mouth. <3 :) ;)
I couldn't shut my mouth after that. :)
Well well well...
Big congrats to Diana, His husband and the whole family! <3
Hope We'll see each other again cause I love to hold Little William in my arms.

With Beautiful bride Diana. Good luck with the future!

Good Night. <3

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Wedding Dresses

Stop! Stop it with the emotional post. XD
I tried to write things I like and I do, 
but sometimes bad things can happen.
Ha! Don't ever wanna think about it.
Diana's weeding is coming and I'm glad that I got invited. :)
Since that I heard she's going to marry. 
I can't even stop searching for the wedding dresses.
Am I crazy? I guess I am crazy. :D
And my boyfriend very hates it when I talk about it so much.
Never mind! He hates everything on the earth, I've been talked about.
And Pinterest is the perfect website for the inspiration. ;) 
So I must share all my favorite wedding dresses here on my blog.

 Good Night <3

Saturday, May 16, 2015


It was such a wonderful day! 
My photo shoot went amazing and thank you N'Pop for an amazing job.
But the make up thing went bad and it took an hour to do it!
My hand were so sweated and shaken. :S I admit that I was got so nervous.
  As I told you before I don't know how to make up.
I wasn't very happy with the looks but I think it's cute. =)
Anyway I got the portfolio for a new school. :D

Here are The looks!
My d.i.y skirt made from old fabrics and second hand striped shirt. 


  For my second look : The top was a second hand sport T-shirt.
I cut the arms and glued the sequin on the top.

Good Night! <3

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Christian Louboutin Bridal Colletion


I got the invitation from Mikaela to her exhibition in Tammisaari.
 I definitely wanna be there but Diana's wedding is next Saturday. ( My boyfriend's sister.)
So if I wanted to go, I must stay there for a week until my boyfriend is in Helsinki 
and I have no places t stay.
I miss Tammisaari!
However, I am very excited to leave this town just a few days. :)
I checked Diana's blog, saw that she has amazing bridal high heels.
Sadly it's in Finnish that why I  can only see the pictures.
The only one designed high heels all girls wanna wear in  theirs wedding is
Christian Louboutin .
Am I wrong? :D

Here are some beautiful high heels from Christian Louboutin Bridal Collection.

 This's favorite one! <3 
I would die in this heels.

Have a good day!