Sunday, November 29, 2015

Little Christmas

Hello Sunday!
Yesterday we were in Helsinki again. We haven't have our free weekends in weeks.
But next week we gonna try to spending more time with each other. 
We got candy jar and chocolate advent calendars from Robin's mom.
We also visited his stepfather after that. 
I didn't feel very well yesterday, I knew what was on my mind. I'm trying to forget.......
However, I was more excited to see the kids. 
This time Julia came and played with me. Of course she pulled my wig.... -_- She had fun, I guessed?
Taking photo of them is the hardest thing more than catch a ghost on camera. 
The girls were so shy and moved their heads away, when they saw my camera.

Have a nice Sunday!

Friday, November 27, 2015

Happy Black Friday

It's a black Friday! And everything is on sale?
I forgot to mention that I acquired Finnish citizenship. I'm stuck here with Robin forever. :D
So this morning we went to photo shop for getting a photo to my Finnish passport.
So exciting!!
 I wasn't planed to stay here forever but I think it's gonna be easy and a good opportunity to study 
somewhere in Europe. And of course Robin is one of the reasons.
That why I wanted Finnish citizenship, I did have a Swedish language test
 which I don't have to do that. Cause I already got vocational education. 
But I forgot to call and cancel it so I must go for the test.
 The test wasn't easy at all, I thought I'll never pass the test.
I didn't believe my eyes when I saw the paper. I wasn't bad at Swedish. :D I passed!
Robin is out and having a little Christmas dinner with his colleagues.
Before he left, we saw ''Say yes to the dress'' I'm pretty happy to hear his opinions
about the dresses on the show. 
Even Robin hates talking about marriage stuff with me. 
But there was some dresses that he didn't like and thought it was ugly.
My favorite dress from the show is a dress Emily Ellis tried on.
It was sweet heart neckline, crystal straps with long train. It was such a beautiful!!
But I couldn't find a picture of it anywhere.

Well, it's no rush. I still waiting for his question. :)
Good night.<3

A photo from summer.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

We Can't Choose Who Can Walk Into Our Lives But We Can Choose Who Is Important.

Good day Wednesday!

Sometimes things surprisingly hit me without unexpected. For me it's really hard to forget.
I can hardly forgive and forget what people did to me.
Specially people that I don't even know ( either do they know me ), people I never had conversations before.
I still feel disappointed.  
As I get much advice from everyone, I have to force myself seeing that person in my life.
I don't want to think more negative but sadly that person is important in Robin's life.
But it means nothing to me. By this year I've learned who is important in my life and who is not.
We meet acquaintances everyday, which we can never choose.
Soon or later we can see who is important and who can prove to us that they care.
Not just blow out all the nice words or just send a text that they care.

Good night Finland. <3

Knitted dress : INDISKA
Earrings : Ele & Kele
Scrunchy : H&M

Monday, November 23, 2015

What The Matter Is Love

Winter is arrived. It was snowing outside when we woke up on Saturday.
Here came my nightmare. I hate winter.
I wanna lock myself in our apartment and never leave out of the door.
We were at the party. I don't know how many people were there.
But it was a lot of adults. I felt ashamed that I couldn't behave on Saturday.
My mood swings changed me so fast. I hate sometimes when I talk about our future
with Robin, he always denied to listen and acted like he never heard what I said.
Specially when people mention if we're engaged yet or when we will have a kid?
Of course we've been talking about this all the time. That's why Robin always get sick.
We both agreed in 5 years we will have kid but before having kids, we will travel to many places.
We both have plans what we want to do before make a big step.
Robin wants to get his master degree and back pack with his friends. 
And they plan to go away for 6 months.
For me my plan is study but I don't know which way should I go? Right now I need a job.
We want to have better future together, cause people around us made mistakes in the past.
That's why we learned not to do the same.
What we are trying to do now is not only for us, is for our kid too.
Sometimes what we do in the present effects the future.

Specially thanks to her for party!

And thank you so much for food and cakes! Both Johanna and Diana!

Have a nice day! <3

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Wednesday I Wear Black

Good day Finland.
I couldn't sleep last night. It's a nightmare when I have mouth ulcer ,
and this time is the worst cause I have it under my tongue.  I can barely eat or drink water.  
I was hungry and waking up all night.
All I can eat is yogurt.
I wasn't in the class last week. I felt totally lost yesterday.
It was no unexpected if I understand this or not. This language is mess. 
Soon this Finnish course is end. I still don't understand much. 
I use English and Swedish with my friends. So my Finnish doesn't go any where. :D 
It's also my fault that I haven't practiced so much. 
I hope it's getting better next year! 

Have a nice day. <3

Top & Legging : H&M
                           Earrings : bought some way in Helsinki
    Bolero jacket : old jacket 
Bow belt : Seppälä

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Sunshine Day

Yesterday was beautiful day, little sunny but still coldly.
It took an hour and a haft to choose what to wear before I could start my day.  
Does anyone have the same problem?
I love this orange sweater that I got from my aunt and a floral dress I bought from Oxygene.
My mom and my aunt always buy clothes for me. Half of my clothes are from them.
Do not know why they still do that and I thankful for that. :)
I walked quickly to walking street. I was running around the shops, if I may find a present to Marianne.
I think is her name? She's Robin's aunt. Right? She married his uncle.
I found nothing but we bought something in the evening.
And when I walked in to a shop. I saw a lady with broken leg stood in front of the door.
There was a girl before her and a man before me. But none of them opened the door for her.
So as I saw her, I opened the door for her. 
She said Thank you in Finnish, I just gave only a smile back.
Then I heard her voice again then I turned my head. 
She was talking to me. I mistakenly said that I speak Finnish! No, I don't!
Then she said I see you're foreign cause Finn people never open the door for anyone.
Is it true? 
I was feeling good after that. :)
I must go and study Finnish. Tomorrow again to the class.

Have a nice day. <3 

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Busy Saturday

I purchased new camera on Friday. It made me smile whole evening. :)
On Saturday we drove to Porvoo as usually. (We are often there.)
I met her outside bus station, we went to book store and off course Jenni's favorite store on earth, Marimekko. Jenni always loses money to Marimeko. I don't remember what she bought this time. 
Then we went to Cafe Cabriole. It located in the middle of the town.
The cake was too sweet for me but it was good. 
I know I complained a lot about everything, I guessed nothing is  wrong 
with them but something is wrong with me. 
However, I love being in cafe. I miss Wibox Cafe in Tammisaari and Retro Cafe in Karjaa.
I would love to do often if I have closest friends here.
Jenni came to Provoo to pack her last belongings. I'm glad to hear that she studies again.
We also met Margarita before we walked away from cafe.
Nothing happened to my life yet and a doctor said that I'm fine. Thank god I don't have a cancer!

All the picture I took from my canon camera except a picture on me, it from Jenni's phone.

After said good bye to Jenni, Robin took me to Subway.
He must loves Subway so much. We just were in subway in Kouvola lately.
What can I say? They are so good!
Then we went early to Robin's godmother house for coffee. I love to see in her bedroom.
Love the decoration she has there. I can't take my eyes off!
We were there 2 hours. Later we were running late to his friend's house.
They planed to sauna and after sauna to the cinema. 
We saw James bond. It was lovely and big cinema in Porvoo. 
And after an hour long driving, we came home at 1 a.m. 
What a nice day!

Good night Finland. <3

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Sailor Sailor

I have been planning to make a sailor hat quite a long time. 
I saw it sells on Beyond Retro for 9 £ and 1,40 € on eBay.
But I still have some of white fabrics left, so I decided to make my own sailor hat.
Yesterday I got an energy to do a pattern and sew, just few hours before Robin came home.
I didn't finish it yet, Robin came home early.
I continued sewing it this morning , of course I forgot to put extra seams, forgot that I wear a wig!
Bu my lazy sailor hat turned to be a bit small for my head but it look cute anyway. :)
After I finished, I turned my TV on and had a lunch.
 It was a Swedish film on svt World channel about a young sailor
 '' Kajan goes to the sea''.
The film is from 1943. I saw it til the ends. 
Think about how crazy is it. When you talk about someone or something then it shows up to you.
That is so crazy!
Tomorrow to the hospital again. I hate it very much!

Good day!