Saturday, August 29, 2015

Lost in Helsinki

 I'm glad it's still warm outside. 
I took a walk to the place that I don't even know what the name of the place?
I remember when I asked my boyfriend, if he could show me some romantic places?
He chose this place to be our first romantic place.
Anyway I visited the place and walked across the bridge, there some graffiti on walls. 
The pictures aren't perfect. I should get a new camera!

Good Night<3

Next Station Kouvula

My boyfriend got a job in Kouvula. We're going to move there in 2 weeks, if we find an apartment.
 I sadly love Helsinki but wherever he goes, I'll stand by his side.
I've been looking to sew something for about a week. 
 I don't have any black or white fabrics left. But I always some old clothes in closet.
Yesterday I made quick and easy D.I.Y projects. 
I sew my halter to back criss-cross and a black top to a bow tank top.
 Today Diana's family are coming here for a lunch. :) I always want to see the kids.
What about Robin? Of course... he is about to leave in a second and party somewhere in Porvoo.
Go whatever you want. Do whatever you want. I don't mind!
I'm going to get ready and make a salad before they come.

Have A Nice Day! 

Friday Look
Tank Top : American Apparel
Skirt : H&M

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Extremely Hair Loss

My hair started to lose in May ( That what I remember.) 
People said I was only stressed myself too much. I believe them! It was growing back.
But a month after that my hair was losing more and more.
And right now the back of hair is almost bald. 
I'm very sick of getting hair loss everyday. I've searching all the internet, how to get rid with it.
 But it isn't just taking tablets and using anti hair-loss shampoo.
I must eat healthy too.
Even my hair is growing but I can still see it isn't strong, it still falls as usually. 
I used Vichy Shampoo twice now. I think hair is a bit softer. :) ( May be it's imagination?) 
 And I decided that I should try any hair vitamin tablets. 
 So Robin and I went to pharmacy yesterday and bought Biottini. 
Hopefully, it will help my hair growing back faster.

In June. 
I'm scared to put a picture of what my hair looks like now.
But maybe later.

Have A Nice Day. <3

Monday, August 24, 2015

Friday Saturday and Sunday Night

We arrived  to Kouvula before 2 p.m. , It seems like a nice city but I've never heard about this city.
Robin was in the building for his interview.
Meanwhile I waited him in the car, I had to pee but I thought the interview won't take so long. 
I can wait. I waited,waited.... There no sight of him.
After 1 and a haft hours, I couldn't move my self anymore. -_-
Finally he came. He said the interview went great. But honey, I almost pee in the car.
We didn't do any extra. We just went to a big shopping mall in Kouvula.
We had Koti Pizzas and straightly home cause Robin's mom's car break is broken. 
I asked her if she would like to taste my lazy pork satay. 
 My lazy pork satay tasted not bad at all. It was easy to make. 
But I didn't have massaman paste for the beans sauce so I used yellow curry past instead.

I was home alone again. I browsed the internet and sew some cute clothes that I wanna sew.
But do the pattern made me lazy already. I just cut lazy pattern and sew with my old fabric.
I'm not finish with it yet. It went bad with the button hole. 
I guess I must sew by hand. And it takes forever.
My mom sent me the pictures of a cat. They got a new member in Åland.
A cute maine coon. I can't wait to go back to Åland and hold him. :)

A normal Sunday for us.
We went to pharmacy. We found Vichy shampoo for hair-loss and some nails and hair tablets.
But I bought only shampoo. I'm going to test in today.
After visited in pharmacy, Robin showed me where the Finnish course location is.
I'm so excited. :)
 Robin made macaroni and I made a chicken broccoli stir for dinner.
After dinner we went to Jumbo shopping mall for a ice-cream dating. 
Robin sees me often wearing dresses. :)
That's why I chose a zipper pants with dead skulls decoration on t-shirt.
The matching accessories dead skulls earrings, dead skull ring and stud ring from
Avril Lavigne perfume bottle. 

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Pink Tropical

Is it still summer or am I just dreaming?
Robin got a call today, they wanted him for an interview. :)
So our plan on Saturday have to change and tomorrow I will come with him to Kouvola.
Also he has to help his stepfather fix something in the cabin on Saturday . 
Surely it will take whole day. I came yesterday on Saturday will be our one and a haft years together.
We went for shopping, I bought strawberries for 5 € . Tomorrow I'm going to make pork satay .
After I fail with my Thai cooking all the time. Wish mom were here!
The curry got my nails yellow. :S I hope it get away tomorrow.
 And big hope for Robin tomorrow!
Love you and good night. <3

Today look : Pink Tropical

Dress, fringe top and R earrings : Thailand
Bag : Jatujak Market
Love bracelets : Bought it for 9 years ago.
Bracelets : Accessorize, A gift from Stella. <3

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

What to wear in the car shows

Speak  of cars, Grease always comes up to my mind.
My boyfriend told me there is going to be American car show on Saturday.
Is it true? Tell me about it, stud. -_-
 When I go to all the car shows in Åland, I often wear vintage dresses or get inspiration from 50's.
And  yes, I forget my dresses from Beyond Retro in Åland. Amen.
But this time I think maybe I can wear something else?
But still 50's or maybe more black.
Who says? It isn't important what you wear?
Clothes always make me feel better and get all the negative things away from my head. 
Still, I can't decide what to wear.
Here some dresses I have here in Helsinki.

 Dress : Cyber Shop

 Dress : Oxygene

 Dress : Cyber Shop

Have a nice day<3

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Nordsjon Beach

Hello Tuesday!
I get headache every morning. :/ Don't know why it came back.
I couldn't be able to get up. I feel dead  in my bed.
On Saturday Robin took me to the Nordsjon beach, somewhere in Helsinki.
It was so hot and burn, It was properly 20 degrees plus . I have never imagined that.
I still feel shy as I usually, when I have a bikini on me.
In the pictures, it doesn't show that I'm so shy at all. But why not take a selfie?
How often do I go to the beach? Maybe once a year..
I love the sun and summer but I don't like spend myself on the beach.
Not that I'm afraid to get tanning skins like the other Asian girls, but I always get heat rash.
We were lying down there, just an hour. I guess! 
Then we took the quick pictures and went home directly to see the air show. 

 The Air Show
Carrie Hat : Bik Bok
Earrings : H&M
Jean Vest & Bikini : Thailand
Striped skirt : My D.I.Y
*Sun glasses : Beyond Retro