Sunday, October 23, 2016

Just Smile Again

Sweater dress & Ring: Gina Tricot/ Coat & Earrings : H&M / Shoes :Nike/ Bag : Guess

Hello Sunny!
I'm so glad again that we can see everyone smiles again after a sadness week. 
All the Thai wedsides, Facebook's profiles has changed to color again.
I've been reading the news so happy to see Thais helped each others, give free food, give free black t-shirts, free ribbons.
The kindness made the world smiles and a better place to live.
But some people are still afraid to go out without wearing black clothes. 
For me I don't see it as a big deal.
 I bought a great sweater dress from
 GINA TRICOT for a Saturday date. 
 I really love it and it's so comfy.  
It was a difficult decision to choose but in the ends was the grey. And oh I didn't even know that my makeup was so pale.
But it doesn't matter I'll put red lipstick on next month.
Anyway we had a great time and a dinner at Rafeal's Steak House in Porvoo. 
We didn't book for reservation but luckily we got last the table. 
Only bad thing was the cold weather.

Have a great Monday. <3

Monday, October 17, 2016

Dress Code : What To Wear For A Funeral/ For A Mourning Period

Skirt & leggings : H&M / Cardigan & hair accessory : Thailand / Black ribbon : made by me.

Good day everyone. 
As many of you heard about what happened in Thailand last Thursday that our king passed away.
It made a big shock to every Thais. No words to describe the pain of feelings. 
Only we Thais understand. Now we are in national mourning period. 
I wear black since Friday, I wear simple black outfit and try to wear polite as possible.
It's quite liked what I wore in my grand mom's funeral.
I have a thought that I will blog again next month. People are so sensitive after the king's death. Please think carefully before you say something in public or write something about Thai royalties. 
Let say it again we are sensitive about it and it's also illegal. 
We have rules, we respect the rules and we hope you understand it too.
I've been thinking to write a Dress Code for funeral post but couldn't be strong enough.
The government announced what to wear and how to behave in Thailand after 28 days from now,
 not only for Thai people but for tourists also. Some festivals and concerts have been cancelled in Thailand. If you will travel to Thailand or you're already. I hope this post is useful for you all.

Last week the government announced a formal color 
for mourning period is black.
- Dress polite.
- Think of basic, black, dress and simple.
- The length of a dress should be longer than the knees.
- Turtleneck and round neck are recommended.
- It's okay to wear a black t-shirt with pants. 
- If the clothes show too much off the skin, cover with cardigan or jacket.

- Don't dress too tight.
- Don't wear V-neck t-shirts.
- Don't wear polka dots, cartoons or floral on clothes.
- Don't wear cut out pants or shorts.
- Don't wear mini skirts or slit skirts.
- Off- should tops, cut out dresses are not recommended to wear.
 - For men a suit is perfect for a funeral.
 - But or a mourning period, wear a black t-shirt or shirts.
 - Wear black jeans or pants.
 - Thigh pants are not recommended.
Don't spend so much money on new clothes. Use what you have.

After Friday people still look for new clothes. 
That means the prices of black clothes are higher than ever.
People complained that they don't have enough money to buy black clothes for the whole families.
The government announced again that it's okay to wear white, grey, dark navy blue, dark color 
or wear black and white. 
If you have any of those colors. Use black ribbon or black bow brooch.

Monday, October 10, 2016

And It's Monday.

Skirt & earrings : H&M / shirt :Thailand / necklace : gift 

Hello Monday!
It has been a while. I often say to myself : just try to blog as soon as I have time. 
But it always ended up being lazy.
I just had my best weekend here,
I was alone at home and made Inari sushi.
It tastes bad. Next time it will be okay.
About today's look 
I didn't think about anything when I put this outfit on me. I just hopped it won't be cold outside. This morning was nice weather but in the afternoon turned very cool. The best thing about this Monday is
 I passed the test.
That was a good feeling.  I still have difficult to communicate in Finnish with the other people. I really need time to relax at the break so I just speak English and Thai.
I hope soon I can communicate with them on Finnish. I don't want to stress myself cause I can see my hair falling off again.
I hope everything is okay with you.
Have a nice day. <3

Inari sushi.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Xtreme Car Show 2016 Lahti

Hello Saturday!
Today we went to Xtreme Car show in Lahti. I wasn't sure what I wanted to wear today cause the whole week was busy as usual and that came a problem. I taught I might wear a tank top with jeans but the weather turned cold since last week.
After I finished school, I quickly went every places to see if they still had summer clothes. 
Sadly, everything was gone. Robin said maybe I wanted a pip up dress? 
Then I quickly decided a dress that I wanted and bought the fabric. It's a easy dress but it was just me, I was calm when I made this dress. That took more time to make but I finished yesterday.
Right it time and I love the dress! Today is a sunny day but it's still cold cause the rain was fallen in the morning. Richard Rowling from Gas Monkey was there. It was a lovely day.
It was at least good thing that I didn't spend money on clothes this time and there was no anchor things there. 

Have a great weekend! <3

Dress : Made by me / Shoes : Thailand / Jacket : Zara / Hat : BikBok / Sunnies : Beyond Retro