Wednesday, September 14, 2016

People Will Stare, Make It Worth Their While.

 Dear, blog.
 Why we always complain that we don't have nothing to wear?
 Well, well. I think it time for me to stop saying that I have nothing to wear.
 This problem can be such a big thing. Don't you think? I have to run to school almost everyday.
 My only tip is choose what I want to wear 3 weeks before or at least 1 day before.
 Choose today and wear it tomorrow.
 You never know who will you meet. Just be ready whatever will happen. 
 Sometimes clothes and smile can make other people world brighter. And it specially makes us  happy.  Right now I'm feeling like I'm walking through lavender garden......
 It's always a good thing to  think positive. When you happy, people around you, they're happy too.
 However, today I wear a dress from Thailand. I often choose the clothes that remind me of people 
 I was  missing from my life. Clothes created stories and memories. 
 I love the pearls on this dress so much. I never remember which parts of Thailand, I bought clothes. 
 If I like it, I will buy it right away. But the only place I spend most of my shopping time is Chatuchak Market. Not a year I travel to Thailand without visit Chatuchak Market.

Have a nice day! <3

Dress : Thailand / Heels : here / Sunglasses : Beyond Retro / Earrings : H&M 


  1. Hello dear you are so cute
    Kisses for you ❤

  2. I like your statement about people will stare therefore make it worth while.
    It relates to how you present yourself on the internet and the only way people get to know you is through the clothes you wear as a fashion blogger

    1. Thank you very much for your sweet comment! :)