Tuesday, May 31, 2016

There Are Many Beautiful Reasons To be Happy

Hello Tuesday!
Are you happy today? For me, yes I am. Firstly, I went and got my Prada sunglasses that I ordered from Zalando. I was so excited to unbox it. I'm absolutely happy with the glasses.
This morning went bad, some of my classmates couldn't respect the teacher. Then she walked away.   I told them to go and apologize. Thank god! It went well one of them did say sorry. 
Around 12 O'clock we were at the beach and played volleyball today.
I love the beach! It makes myself so clam. I love the sun cause it's lighting a day.
I felt the heat and noticed even more heat when I put my lip palm on. It melted!
I didn't expect this weather can arrive to Finland. But it doesn't matter.
What the matter is enjoy the day and the sun. I wished I could stay a bit longer at the beach.
But I don't have a car, then I must leave the beach. Our teacher dropped me off.
I hope everyone had a good day. But if not, tomorrow is a new day.

Love <3

Sunglasses : Prada  Crop top : JJ Market Skirt : Modehuset Alice Hat : Bikbok

Monday, May 30, 2016

I Choose To Be Happy Today


Hello a happy Monday!
How was your Monday? My Monday went great, even you know how much I hate learning Finnish.
But it's better than mathematics.
I've been waiting for few days to have my floral tank top that I bought from H&M.
Summer plus floral clothes can never get wrong. 
Today is finally sunny day. I wished I would have much time to blog but sadly not.
Plus the bad weather is one of the reasons and the last thing I wished is have at least a friend with me. So we can go and take pictures together. 
I bought new shoes today cause those ballerina flats I often used, now they are broken.
They are so comfortable! But what can I expect from the low price? Nothing.
Anyway, living here in Finland, you don't have to be scared of losing money for clothes.
I can guarantee. Ria and I talked about it all the time that we can never nice clothes here, 
only buy from the internet. I think most of people here shopping online.
But I hate it, I just don't like to wait for things.
The last thing I want to say before I leave, my Prada sunglasses are here. Can't wait to get them tomorrow. And tomorrow me and my class are going to the beach. 

I wish hope you all have a good day tomorrow! <3 

Tank top : H&M  Pants : Thailand

Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Dress and shorts : Thailand Hat and blazers : H&M

Good morning!
What a sunny day! Have I ever written Good morning on my posts? 
This cold be the first. 
I'm at school and try to blog. Even I know moblie blogging doesn't really work as well. Let hope it's working today. 
Yesterday I went out and took photos.
The place is close my apartment. How can I forget about it? It's not quiet place as I thought it was. But I got some good photo. I am sure that Mosquitoes bit me while I took photos. I just hope I don't get sick. I love summer cause I can put floral and colourful clothes on me. 
Yesterday I wear a blue dress as I shirt. The first and last time I wore it, it was Robin's graduation. It fits well with floral shorts. I must say shorts are somethings I always avoid to wear. I'm always feeling unsecured. The fact is my body type. 
But now I must go and study.

Have a nice day! <3

Sunday, May 22, 2016

The Dark Side Of The Sun



Hello sunny day!
We supposed to go and watch the new X-men film. But something sadly hit me and I got real headache. It's just a bad day and that's alright. 
Today we went to the shopping center, the only thing melted my heart away was Moomin kettles. 
Is anyone one going to get it? For me, I know what I wish for Christmas. Wait!
Right now I have to enjoy summer so I don't have to complain when the winter arrives.
About to my whole black outfit today, I must say off shoulder top is one of must have for this summer season. You can see anywhere in Look book, Instagram and more.
I chose my American Apparel off  shoulder tank top with H&M pencil skirt. It's simple look. 
And my half moon choker from Romwe. I love this choker, I feel like a sailor moon. 
( Japanese manga) Earrings and shoes are from Thailand.
Well, well, one more thing people have been asking to do is take off my wig.
I took it off and I tested my hair extensions instead. I know it looks more natural but as I said at the last post in Helsinki, I wasn't sure if I'll have them this week or not because it's too thin. 
My hair is natural dark, curving and thick.
Yesterday when I put them on, it was such a surprised! They look nice and natural.
I guess I have to start wake up early for getting my hair ready. 

Have a nice Sunday! <3

Tank top                                                                 Skirt 

Friday, May 20, 2016

I'm Wearing The Smile You Gave

Hello finally Friday!
Did anyone have a good Friday ? Mine was fine. I always think clothes can describe who you are. And I always dress up to make myself think only positive. Fashion just makes me happy.
Back to 2012 Prada made spring- summer collection inspired by 50's. Car- print chiffon dresses, Cadillac heels and the bags. I thought it was the most beautiful collection. 
I saw many Thai celebrities wore Prada dresses and accessories. 
I can't take it out off my mind and I love 50's. 
Talking about 50's, it makes me thinking about Grandma Rut. I have a photo of her, she said she took in the end of 50's or 60's. I guessed she was fashionable, I saw that she had cat-eyes sunglasses. 
I asked her where were all her dresses , she said she cut them and weaved to rugs.
 It's like a heart broken.
 But I understand old people don't want to keep their clothes for their kids. Because they think it's so old fashion. Am I the only one, who used mom's clothes from 80's and 90's? :D
 However, I started to feel better then last year and good news are coming and many plans for summer and maybe winter too. I wore a pink dress that I bought for many years from Thailand, flower headband from H&M, flower earrings from Seppälä and sunglasses from Beyond Retro. 

Have a good weekend. <3

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Pim Goes To The Sea


Hello Thursday!
Nothing special happened today.
 I wear the matching clothes I could possibly find from my little closet.
It was the last minutes choice.  But it's so my style. Never without anchor accessories and 
I also planned to get a anchor tattoo, I don't know when I dare to do it. I'm just scared! 
About my look today, I can't really say where I bought them. Forgot where are they from.
There are only 3 cities I usually buy clothes, Bangkok, Stockholm and Helsinki.
But anchor necklace is from anchor Anttila, anchor bracelet is from Bijou Rigitte and anchor earrings from Jatujak market. ( My favorite forever shopping market. )
I hope everyone has a great day too.
I must go and talk to my mom and I'm saying in Finnish '' Moi Moi'', which means Bye bye!
P.s never say Moi to Thai people. I'm warning you. :D

Have a good day. <3