Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Wednesday Go

Hello everyone.
Yay! The sun is still with us but it's pretty cold outside. Today we finished school earlier and I tested camera's remote on Canon application for the first time. It worked well but the phone is too big to hide. Camera's timer is better. While I was taking photo whe people passed me by, I guessed they taught I played Pokemon Go cause I hid my camera. I'm not into any games and l don't know why. I never played Anger Birds, Cookie Run or Pokemon Go. I wish you all have a nice day. I have many homework to do. Bye. 

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Valentino By Mario Valentino Bag

Hello Saturday!
I'm so glad when it's weekend. Cause I have more time to relax.
It often sounds like I'm lazy but I'm. I'm Justus  exhausted. 
Yesterday I got my packet from Zalando. It's Valentino By Mario Valentino bag!
There are two reasons I bought this bag, firstly for study hard for school and secondly for my birthday. This's a birthday gift from myself , which is very earlier. 
My birthday is next month. 
Well, well, I couldn't wait for it. I saw many beautiful  bags and had difficult to chose only one bag but I realized shoulder bags are the bags I use often.  
At first I wanted a white bag but red is melted my eyes. I'm happy with the bag.
Now I got my birthday gifts from my mom and from myself. They're both red cute things.  For my birthday this year I wish more red gifts.  So they fit together. 
Only one wish makes me happy is my family happy and healthy.

Happy weekend! <3

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Blue Moon

Hello Sunny Tuesday.
After we got enough of rain last week, we finally got to see the sun today.
I guess it's may be the farewell for this summer. I remember when I was little, I used 
Complained about the rain season in Thailand. When my grandma heard me, 
she told one thing I'll never forget : without rain we can never grow the rice.
What she said is true. 3 seasons are all important. I meant in Thailand, we have 
summer 35+, rain season and our winter. I don't know why they called winter.
Because it's not even cold there. Today is absolutely beautiful sunshine day.
I wear a dress that I made 2 years ago. I fold it in and wear it as a skirt with a basic white sleeve shirt. People say often why I don't wear what I made. 
I must say I wasn't happy with results. 
However, I hope you're doing well with everything.  
Have a nice day! <3

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Crayfish Party

Hello Sunny!
Has anyone a sweet night? For me, yay and nah.... 
We had Crayfish party yesterday. It was such a lovely moment! I miss having my friends around me.
The one thing it missed on the table was Thai spicy dip. I was little stressed yesterday then I forgot.
As we knew this tradition is from Swedish. Jenni tasted crayfish the first time.
This tradition has already spread to Finland's Swedish. But not everyone celebrates here in Finland.
I wondered why Robin never tasted crayfishes then I got to knew this few months ago. 
I lived in Mariehamn before, we get more traditions from Sweden. 
And my mom had also Crayfish party yesterday. I missed her too.
I always think off her home made food. 
Yesterday was a nice day for us. It would be better if Robin only knew that he's not a good drinker.
 At first I was angry at him when I saw what he did but it was funny in the end. Poor, Robin!

Have  a nice day!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It.

If you can dream it, you can do it. - Walt Disney.

Hello everyone!
How are you? Today is my self-learning at home. Our teacher has a meeting.
Thank you! I'm starting to lazy lately. Thank you for understand me. Ha ha. It's almost 2 in afternoon.
I haven't read anything yet but I finished my homework at school yesterday.
Finnish language is more difficult than a word difficult can explain. Well, you can tell me if you find a word to describe Finnish language. I often wondered why is there many things to remember but 
right now I just follow. That's the best way to survive while we're learning Finnish. 
It's funny when people complained that English language isn't easy to learn. If you said so.
You've never learned Chinese or Finnish. Moving on...
My today look is Mickey Mouse's day. I wore it 3 times in Thailand and Minnie Mouse earrings
I wear it today for the first time. ( I often forget where are all my things. )
It's my free day so I wanted something easy to wear. 
But it's not good for today's weather. It's so windy, it almost blows me away.
But just wear at home it's fine. Now I wish you all good luck to your work or school or anything.
Good luck! <3

Friday, August 12, 2016

Rebel Without A Cause

Happy Friday!
I hope you're doing fine. It start raining almost every morning but in the end of the days the sun shines so beautiful. I had so many thing to do at school that's why I don't have time to blog. And coming next week will be more stressful for me.
I write at least once a week would be okay. 
Last week on Saturday  I saw this pink jacket on Zara website. This pink jacket kicked my eyes right away. Such a beautiful! I almost ordered it home but then Robin needed his things from Helsinki. Sunny Sunday we drove to Zara shop in Helsinki.
I couldn't find any pink jackets, even the site said it's on stock.
Robin recommend to ask a worker. Luckily, they had it. But I still wonder why they don't have them in the shop. Now I know if I want sonething from Zara, I should ask.
This jacket is my new lover. It reminded of the pink ladies from Grease.
I knew I had to wear it with penciil skirt and Today I was with Robin at garage.
What a nice car he has! But I never drive on it. I'm looking forward when car is fixed.
Have a nice weekend! <3

Jacket : Zara / Skirt : H&M / Earrings & belt : Seppälä / James Dean necklace : My d.i.y

Friday, August 5, 2016

Smiley Friday

Hello Friday again!
We went shopping  for the crayfish party. I think we have everything we need now.
But maybe, we need some decoration here. I will see it next week, we still have time.
Today may be the first day for me that I see my language skill get better. 
It really makes me smile. And big smile on my face it isn't raining yet, the weather is so fine. That meant I got the shorter time to take some pictures at the park. 
I saw beautiful flowers across the park. I'll definitely going there soon. 
I just hope it won't rain but August is here already.

Happy Friday everyone! <3 

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

A crayfish party is coming......

Hello Wednesday! 
How are you? Today is no stressful day.
The weather in Finland is always cold in the morning then
 in the afternoon is rainy and the end of the day is sunny.
The sun is shining just in the right time I'm going to bed. Before going to bed, 
Robin and I have planned our crayfish party for quite a long time and now we decided to have our two best friends coming over here and celebrate with us in the middle of this month. A crayfish party is a Swedish tradition, which I gussed and I'm sure there's not so many people here in Finland have tasted crayfishes before. 
I still remembered Robin tasted a crayfish first time at my house.
 Simon and Jenni will be our guests for this year. And not a surprise thing Jenni told me she never tasted it either.Crayfishes are so delicious!
I just accidentally watched Thai food program today and it was about crayfishes. 
It's very cool to hear that a 20 years old man, who has grown the crayfishes for fun and now he has a crayfish farm plus a rice farm. He's very lucky. 
It seems like a good business. At least I knew how to peel the crayfish the right way. :D 
Last time we were in Mariehamn, we ate small lobsters.
 Delicious that what Robin said. But I still want to eat a fresh lobster.
Are you going to celebrate a crayfish party?

Good night and sweet dream!