Saturday, September 26, 2015

The Kids

 I love this picture! And look at William behind Sara. So cute!

Time to say good bye.

What a crazy moment! I don't know how long Diana's family were here.
Maybe the kids were too excited. They ran, cried and fought to each other.
I love seeing the kids. But I don't think that I can be able to take care of them.
Well, I'm not ready to be a mom yet.
Lucky you, Diana! Big applause to you. The mother of the year. 
The kids are cute. So we can all forgive them for being crazy sometimes.
It's just a nature thing.
Oh! And the one good thing when they were here, we talked about bags.
Diana just got Micheal Kors bag. Of course, his man isn't happy with it.
We are women. We love beautiful things. And we love brand names bags.
It's funny to hear our men's opinions. :D
Sadly, you love her. There's nothing you can do. :D

Good Night Finland.<3

Friday, September 25, 2015

Next To You

Just photos we've taken today.
Robin finished his job early, he took a nap. 
Around 1 p.m. ,I heard the alarm called but I still didn't see he came out from the room.
After 5 seconds I heard a loud metal music. Still, no sight of him.
Nothing special happened today. But oh my god! I don't remember much today.
Anyway, later this evening Robin got really bored.
So we took a walk and took some pictures. 
Then we drove to the international park and we couldn't find it.
Cause we drove too far away from it, also we were almost running out of fuel. 
We drove back, finally we did find the sight to it. :D

Now I must say good night. Tomorrow Diana, Magnus and the kids gonna be here.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Into The Blue

Jacket & Scarf : H&M
Shoes : American Apparel 

We were only 7 in the course yesterday. We had no ideas where the others were, even teacher can't give us the answer.
The class went okay. But I don't know what actually happened in the night.
All the stupid things came up to my mind. I broke down and cried.
 I wished I would turn back the time, wished it never happened.
Don't wanna remember that thing anymore.
Sometimes we never realized all little things can stuck into our heads and hurt us so badly.
   Yes! I need to call a doctor.
All I know I should have a new hobby or just take a walk around this town.
Maybe it will help.

Have A Nice Day. <3

I love the color of the fall but hate the rain.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Lamykin's Cookhouse

It was such a wonderful day. 
I made myself ready for our date. I also wrote him a letter and hid it in his laptop.
Robin and I had dinner in Lamykin's Cookhouse yesterday.
When we're out to any restaurants, I always scared of getting the big dishes or too much greasy food.
Sorry! I still don't used to it.
I ordered a Kana Aura. ( I guessed what the name is. )
 Kana means chicken, the only thing I know and eat.
And Robin ordered hamburger. We liked the food, not often I think the food is food.
I ate almost the whole dish. :D
After the dinner we went to the cinema, we saw Maze Runner 2. 
Damn it! When we finished, we walked out from the cinema.
We didn't know where the hell we were. 
The mall closed and the the cinema was the other side of the mall.
Thank you, my high heels are not so high. We walked to get our car.
I remember it happened on our first date too.
Third day in the Finnish course, must study and make dinner for Robin now.
Have A Nice Day. <3

Friday, September 18, 2015

Grunge Inspiration

Chocker & suspender skirt : H&M 
Hourglass necklace : Got from my best friend

I always have fun when I dress up myself. It's just a way to get rid off with a another boring day 
I always wanted to dress in 90's but have little budget.
So I just put whatever I think it will match. 
I turned the back of  my skirt to the front, flipped in the middle strap in and tied a bow to insecure. 

 Before I turned my skirt.
Credit : Poshmark

After dinner we picked up the kitchen table and chairs from Mikeal in Porvoo.
Thank you!
Robin is very tired, he's already in the bed. 
Still, I still thinking  what am I going to make for his godmother and her boyfriend?
Thai food?
 And some good new, Robin found the fashion school in here.
I'm kinda interested but I don't know how hard to get in there and plus 
would I be able to understand Finnish quickly for a year?
A year?
 Right now I'm still confused with Te, Me, He. ( You more than 1 person, We, They )
My parents didn't create me to Einstein. I know I can do it but it will more than a year.

Now I must say good night before I fall asleep in the couch.

Good Night Finland<3 Hyvää Yötä [hoo'-vaa oo'-ta]

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Get Ready Red


It's over three O'clock already? Maybe I shouldn't be sitting here and blogging.
My Finnish course starts in 45 minutes. I suppose to get ready but....
It sin't a good weather at all. I don't have warmer clothes, all I can think about is maxi skirts and pants. And of course I don't wanna wear pants.
So here is it! Another strange today look. :D
Good! Now I'm starting be hungry and internet connection is working bad.
 Must run. I'm gonna be late.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Home Sweet Home

In the card says Congratulation to your first home. <3 Wishing Mom

Robin's mom, his sister and Mikeal visited us today. He made coffee and  baguettes. 
The couch should be here in the morning before they came. 
But sometimes we can get what we wished for
So we had to stand up in the kitchen and had coffee.
I got mini orchids, chocolates and a card from his mom. She said they are my birthday presents. :)
And we get a marimekko card with money. 
Babo is always nice, always gets gifts to us.
I really love those mini orchids. Now I got good decoration.
I've been tried to decorate our apartment and find the inspiration, but I'm not happy with that yet.
Half of my things are still in Åland.
We still need some furniture. We will find things when money comes. :D

 Here are the decoration in our apartment.

Living Room

Little Closet 

Starts with my door's wallpaper. I got a paper for one euro, covered perfectly on the door, fasted the Chanel powder box and H&M bag on the paper.
Look great, isn't ?

Robin gave me a heart bowl on Christmas, I used it to collect my anchor earrings.

Made a glass and candle jar to bracelet holders. 

Bed Room

The bed room seems so cleaned.
 I'm going to move some of my clothes here so that Robin's shirts can be in the closet.

Good night. <3