Saturday, April 16, 2016

This Is Not Miami

Good Saturday Sunshine!
We just got out from sauna. What a nice moment!
Robin promised to take me to the beach. I miss being at the beach. 
( There are a lot of things I've done in many years. )
Every time I see the beach, it makes me so clam and peaceful. I actually had bikini inside the dress then Robin said : why are you dressing like that?
We're not going to Miami! It's cold outside. I can only laugh harder after that. 
Then later I put thicker leggings on.
We were at the Keyrelammen beach. 
The weather was fine as usually. Sunny but windy the same time.
There's Aqua park close to the beach. I can picture of the beautiful summer here and can't wait for it.
We weren't there so long, we left the beach after his friend called that he and his girlfriend are coming to visit us.
Well, they supposed to be here yesterday but he forgot. Never mind. At least Robin is happy that they were here today.

Have a nice day. <3

New Marimekko mugs. <3


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    1. Thank you. :) I try to take as good as I can but I take I need a new camera. :)