Saturday, April 30, 2016

White Labour Day

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At the Mariehamn's airport. I'm travelling back to Kouvola. Few things keep surprised me every week. Not a single good new but this's life. I disappeared from school on Wednesday without saying anything to my classmates that my grandma passed away on Monday morning.
Me and my mom directly flew to Thailand on Thursday.
I know I'm very bad at speak out my minds and love to keep everything inside.
Since I was little and in school, our teachers and our parents taught us to respect them. We never got a chance to speak, only respect the them. Specially when people say anything negative about us, never say anything back. It was our culture. It sounds so sick, isn't it? After 10 years, all the negative things fulfilled inside my brian and heart. Now it's s time to speak louder, get up and be myself.

Have a good day. <3

Saturday, April 16, 2016

This Is Not Miami

Good Saturday Sunshine!
We just got out from sauna. What a nice moment!
Robin promised to take me to the beach. I miss being at the beach. 
( There are a lot of things I've done in many years. )
Every time I see the beach, it makes me so clam and peaceful. I actually had bikini inside the dress then Robin said : why are you dressing like that?
We're not going to Miami! It's cold outside. I can only laugh harder after that. 
Then later I put thicker leggings on.
We were at the Keyrelammen beach. 
The weather was fine as usually. Sunny but windy the same time.
There's Aqua park close to the beach. I can picture of the beautiful summer here and can't wait for it.
We weren't there so long, we left the beach after his friend called that he and his girlfriend are coming to visit us.
Well, they supposed to be here yesterday but he forgot. Never mind. At least Robin is happy that they were here today.

Have a nice day. <3

New Marimekko mugs. <3

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Happy Songkarn's Day

First of all Happy Songkarn's Day or Happy New Year.
I hope Buddha blesses you and your family. <3 
What a lovely day! I forgot what we did in school this morning, expect in the afternoon we just went outside and play.... Mölkky... don't know what in English.
We really enjoyed relaxation and the weather. It was happy hour.
Yesterday Robin asked me, if I want to have dinner in Thai restaurang.
For sure, I'll never say no. But I said yes, not only I love Thai food but Today is Thai traditional new year or Songkarn and he didn't know that. 
I've missed Songkarn for 10 years now, I don't know when I will be there.
I'm missing go out to the street and water throwing to people. 
However, today is a good day and dressed up like in Songkarn festival.
It can mean good new start. ( Wait a minute, how many time have I restarted my life? )
I just talked to my mom and she said she will visit us here. I'm still waiting......
Here in Kouvola, there's the only one  and the best Thai restaurang and their food are so delicious! 
If you are Thai, you don't have to worry about finding Thai restaurang.
We ate our favorite food, mine is always squid and his is always biff.
I just wanna say in Thai : Wan nee mee khaw suk jung, which means I'm very happy today.

Buddha blesses you and good night. <3

Stir Biff and Stir Squid with Curry.

Enjoy the weather and the game.

Buddha will save us. 

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Let The Sunshine In

Let the sunshine in is the only sentence I can say today.
Hello Tuesday!
Today is better than yesterday. What happens to the world? I was stressful with everything.
Friday to Monday. Yesterday our car didn't start, which I just had 15 minutes left before school started. It takes 30 minutes from home to school. I've never been late.
Then I walked faster and I got a gift for walk fast. A blister on my foot and I was late!
What a lucky am I. ( Sarcastic ) Then later we had the test again. I was never felt so insecure like yesterday. I got 50% right. Where was my mind yesterday?
Is it happening? Is that for real? Is that what they called 'Phra Rahu Om Chan or Lunar Eclipse?
But I told my teacher what happened before we hade the test.
She gave very good advice but the most thing I remember from her is let the sunshine.
 Focus on school, the future is coming.

Lesson for today went slow. I think we are stressing ourselves so much for learning Finnish.
My classmate asked what happened yesterday? Am I okay?
I honestly told him. He said : it's because of the language, sometimes I don't want to be here.
When I heard he said that, I felt I almost swoon. But he was right. 
Everyone has their plans, most of them are going to move away. 
However, an hour before we finished school, our teacher walked to window then she asked :
do you want to Cafe? We was confused why said that but I said yes right away.
Because last year was the last time I was in Cafe. I love being at the Cafe.
I told Riam I don't like to be at someone's house and drick coffee.
She siad it's better to go to Cafe. :) See! there's many people think the same.
We were at Coffee House today and we had to speak Finnish.
I must say I really miss Jennifer, Nanni , Anki and everyone in Tammisaari. 
Jennifer and I went often to Cafe. I must go visit them one day.

Have a nice day. <3

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Here Comes The Day..............................

This week was very messed. It wasn't Finnish that made us headache. Friday was even worse.
We had mathematics. It's not absolutely my favorite. Pan Li was the only one, who understood.
Last week my cousin sent me a message that my grandma is losing her memories.
I think it's normal that older people lose their memories.   
After I got a message, she was in hospital. It's something wrong with her kidney.
I couldn't sleep on Friday. I walked around house, lighted the candles and prayed.
Prayed until I almost slept on the couch.
Mom said it's karma and auntie said she may not survive until December.
But it's only grandma that we worried about. There's something else.
One of my cousin has some plan. As I can see it's not a good plan and it will break everything apart.
I understand if someone is from outside your world, hurts you. But if one of your family, the same blood, the same father and mother tries to hurt you. 
 I know that person is always selfish but what does family means? 
 I can't except it.
 I can be able to see them again and talk with them like nothing never happened.
I still hope the person won't do anything stupid. If it turned to be that way, then My mom and I have to stop keep in touch with the person. 
I can't believe blood is not thicker enough.
Someone people never knew what I have been through. Judge, judge me all the time.
I already told them, I have my own problems but still, someone people get involved.

We will let karma finish this.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

If You Haven't Smile I'll Kiss You

All right I'll count to 8 and if you haven't smile, I'll kiss you.

Hello Thursday!
Tomorrow is the most excited day, because it's Friday! Friday is the day we can smile to each other.
 It isn't a special day.
But we just want to get those Finnish words out of our heads! One of my classmates is right, soon or later we will be in Mental hospital. Everyone said I was very lucky for having a boyfriend so I can speak Finnish with him. Oh! Please don't tell me that. Of course, my boyfriend can speak Finnish but He's Finland's Swedish. We speak at home. If I talk to him in Finnish. I'm sure I'll be first one in Mental hospital. :D
What am I telling now, I'm not being  negative but we just need to relax.

Big kiss and good night.  <3

Hat : BikBok Skirt : My d.i.y. Dot leggings : Robinson 

Monday, April 4, 2016

Miss Rockabilly

Hello Monday.
My brain got a virus. It named a type F Finnish grammar. I have only 3 months left.
So you won't see me tomorrow at school. Goodbye my friends!
Maybe, I should stop joking around but I can take anything too serious right now.
Because my brain is heavy. Today Miss Rockabilly is out of the minds. 
It doesn't matter how hard life can be, I can only put a smile on my face.
Maybe it's Monday that why it makes  us feel a little bit tired than usually.
I chose the right outfit for Monday. Those cute bow earrings and bow clips from H&M,
which I just wanted only anchor earrings. :) A polka dots dress described right my feeling today in school. Messy and Dizzy! I saw messy things on the white board. 
How hard can Finnish language be? It's definitely different and difficult.    
Well well, life must go on. I better continue reading Finnish.  

Good night. <3
Earrings from H&M here