Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Best Gift I Ever Had Is You.

Feeling so tired...... maybe because of this weather but at least it's getting warm.
It was raining since yesterday, it melted little snow away that we see the ground again.
I hope it won't snow again, I just had enough for it.
At school Maria gave me some good advice for me to do. 
What she said is right but I'm not going to be someone that I'm not and trying to make anyone 
happy while they can hurt my feelings.

Finally, Robin got a new car today, he has been waiting for so long. I can see how happy he is. :)
On Saturday we visited Robin's godmother in Porvoo. She give us a candle jar as Christmas gift.
It smells so good! 

And the last thing I never mention that I always wanted a Draceana.
Robin gave it to me in the first week of this month. We saw it in the flower shop while we almost 
walked out from the shopping mall.
I was sure it was the one I wanted. Robin brought it for me right away and said ''Merry Christmas!''.
In Thai Draceana calls tun wad sa na which means destiny, lucky and fortune.
It's like a Feng Shui. People believe ti's good to have one at home. :)

Good night. <3

Friday, January 22, 2016

Sushi Dating

Today is Friday 22 January. It's always be a good Friday because we started school at 9 O'clock.
We had Finnish test yesterday. It went okay for me. I don't know how did I remember all the words.
Finally. my brain works normal again. Since the school started we complained 
why is this language hard to learn. I totally understand everyone, cause I was wondering the same thing from the beginning. But it will get better, trust me.
After I finished school, Robin took me to Sakura Sushi. Should we say celebration or it's just a date.
Yes,it's a date!
Robin ordered Sushi set and Inari tofu for me......... Inari tofu is not what I expected but it's good.
I have to make my own Inari sushi one day. Robin has never tasted it. 
Now must go and wash up the dishes and tomorrow to Porvoo. 

Good night. <3

Monday, January 18, 2016

Because Of You I Smile A Lot More.

We finished school early today. While I was waiting for my Robin to come home and make dinner.
I still have some projects I need to do. My first project is turning soap pump to something.
I hate throwing things away, even though it's broke. ( Oh no! I behave like my grandmother. )
Honestly, I broke while ago and we already got a new one. 
I never get enough having all organize boxes and storage. I always need to get them or do them my own. So I turned our old soap pump to a make up holder.
I turned the upside down, glued satin brand on with glue-gun and added pearl stickers to hide edges.
It's done! Very easy and fast! I also add some pearl stickers on my Ferrero Rocher box. 
I used it for collected roses that Robin gave me and it's really full. 

We made chicken red curry and minced meat salsa stuffed bell peppers for dinner.
I was hungry and felt almost fainted but it was worth for waiting. :) 
Delicious is definitely the right word! I used a small bowl to shape rice on the dishes because
on Saturday we went to Thai restaurant and Robin said why don't we do same at home. 
Here you are, Robin!
It's time to sleep. Good night the world. <3

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Love Without Engagement

Hello Saturday!

We had our last break before we finished our day. Maria started to have conversation with me.
She was asking about my life. Did I move here with my family ? Do you I have a house?
I directly answered her back. I moved here with my boyfriend, 
we don't have a house, just living in a apartment.
She seemed so shocked when she heard I said. It's very funny to see how she re-acted. 
She continued asking with her shocking face : you live with him without engagement?
The answer is yes! When will it happen ? Wedding? I don't know.................
In my country we can't do that, she said. Then she sat down and started talking more.
My friends re-acted the same as she did. :D
In Thailand is the same problem that Thai parents won't allow their kids moving together before they married. I have friends, whom are living in Bangkok and they are cool this culture.
But when I told my friends in Surin , They don't accept this culture. 
Living in Thai culture the girls should save them selves for M.r. Rights. 
But now do all Thai young girl listen what the parents told them? No!
Many people have been asking me a lot how do I feel ? What did you mom said?
Honestly, in the beginning everyone disagreed with me, my parents told me before that I can stay with them as long as I want but I have to go school.
It's hard for me because I don't want a long distance relationship. 
I love him and what's else I can do?
I told Robin to go and ask my mom for a permission. My mom understood.
Of course everyone want to be engaged before moving in together but I can force him to give me a ring. I know what some people see in my mom now, why you easily let your daughter away?
( In Thailand if you can't behave, it's your mom's fault. )
The whole world can say what they think of me but don't say anything about my mom.
I don't feel ashamed for living with Robin without engagement but it's going to be worse 
if I get mistakenly pregnant.  
There's one thing and the only thing I want is not having a kid before we married.

Have a nice a day.

P.S from head to toe outfit is gifts from my aunt.
A view from our school.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

If The Sky Will Fall, Walk To The Galaxy.

Hello Wednesday!

Yesterday our teacher went to hospital few hours before we finished school.
She gave us exercise and told me that I have to be a teacher and help the other.  
I still have no ides what she sees in me. 
I thought being away from the mainland, my head may lose all the memories. 
But I understood what she said. Today she's sick. Please come back!
Our day went sickly boring. We learnt some words and watched a black-white Finnish film.
But it was too difficult for us to understand, even it has slowly Swedish subtitle.  

Going to school gave me the flashback memories from my Thai school. 
We have to be in school before 8 O'clock because at 8 O'clock we sing Thai international song 
and pray respect for Buddha.
 Thai people have no problems to wake up early.
But when our winter arrives and there's one thing we hate is get to the shower. 
( In my home town 12°C was the coldest winter.)
My friends say the same thing : I do not wanna get in the shower.
I remember when we were in school, our teachers asked us a question :
Who has not showered this morning? Push your hands up.
I always wondered if it's really matter? :D Our teacher should know there's no one will confess it.   

 Good night! <3

Monday, January 11, 2016

Is It Okay To Have A Baby Before You Get Marry?

Cr. Pinterest

It's another feel good day. My day went super great, and another positive thing is my Finnish teacher asked me if I think this Finnish course is too easy for me, if I want to change a class.
I have no ideas what the teacher noticed in me. I still think my Finnish isn't going anywhere.
 I never speak Finnish outside the class. 
When we were almost finished with the basic question ''Are you married ?'' in Finnish.
There a young man in my class, he's Muslim. He started to wonder why a woman, who sits next to me, isn't married but already has a kid.
Then we immediately said our opinions to him. Our teacher explained to him and us :
 it's very normal here in Finland that people have kids before get marry.
You're not married, If you want to separate, you can do it.
And a good thing from a Swedish woman said : here you should decide your own life.
I remember reading the Thai news in the end of 2015, it was a popular topic said 
''A celebrity names G is pregnant with her shortest relationship boyfriend.'' 
Everyone talked about it. Later a celebrity names G and her boyfriend confessed and apologized to everyone and the Thai society in front of all the press.
They said : getting pregnant isn't a mistake, we just took the wrong steps.
....... I 'm sorry, I know what I did isn't a good example for Thai society but we truly love each other.  
They've been together only few months. That's why the news shocked us all.
Many people wonder when do we accept this thing, is it okay to have a baby before you get marry?
And who changed our culture?
But few people comment that she shouldn't say sorry, it's her life, as long she has responsibility and enough money to take care a kid. Then nobody worries.
They are planning to get marry. Congratulation! 
She's almost 30, let her live on her own.
Every time this pregnant subject comes to my mind, I always worry about my self.
I must say I don't want to have a kid before I marry my boyfriend.
I heard few people told I'm not going to university, I have no future and I'm going to end my life, which having a kid before all my friends do.
For me having a baby before you marry is okay, as long as you think you're old enough and  have responsibility.
But firstly apologize to your parents. Everyone makes mistakes. 
Have a baby isn't about make love or push a baby out. As I see many young mothers and fathers 
try to survive in their lives, I think it's a hard job. 
I wondered before are they very happy having kids such a young age? No house or things that can give their kids to survive until their kids university life starts?
Robin and I never imagined having a kid before we have everything better in our life.
But I think they are happy, very happy. If it doesn't harm anyone then on one should worry.
 Sometimes seeing the kids just me think of having my own kid.
I understand all the cultures but I still respect my Thai culture and Robin is respect me too.

Good night!

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Not A Day Goes By I don't Think Of You

Today :
While I picked up the trash in Robin's car. I saw this card. Damn Robin! I almost throw it away. ^_^
 It was deadly -27°C cold outside in the morning. My first Finnish course started.
I'm glad to meeting new people. I also met P'Tan in school, she's  from my previous Finnish class.
And there's a woman from Sweden. Our teacher said : we shouldn't speak Swedish in class.:D

Wednesday :
Robin got Clas Ohlson gift cards so we spent it yesterday. 
We bought 2 photo frames. I cut my finger when I tried to open a frame. 
I'm always good at cutting my self.

Tuesday :
Robin firstly thought we will drive to Asian shop in Lahti but it was too far away.
We only visited the mall. They have Oishi Green tea in the mall.
It's my favorite drink in Thailand.  Every time I am in Asian shop, I always buy Oishi.

Then we had dinner at ABC, thanks to a mall piece of pineapple made this food not greasy.

Monday :
I finally got my teddy bear around my arms. It was a good new year start for us.
Robin gave me Ferraro Rocher. It reminds me when I was on job learning in the shop.
I was stressful and completely out of my mind. 15 minutes before I finished my day, 
Robin surprisingly walked in and gave me Ferraro Rochor. I smiled the whole evening.
He said : I heard that you weren't happy.

Sunday :
My last meal in Mariehamn. I helped my mom baking Curry Puff. 
It didn't look like Curry Puff but delicious. This is the first time we made it.
 Robert made Moroccan Chicken for dinner.  It was snow falling in the night.
None of them got some slept, they waited til 2 a.m. and drove me to Mariehamn harbor. 
I'm going to miss Frasse. Everyone loves him.

Friday, January 1, 2016

New Year

Happy New Year 2016!

Have you have a good New Year? Or are you still hangover? 

I didn't have any alcohol beverages. I just had a sip of wine last week.
New Year and Thai Traditional New Year are important for us. 
We don't celebrate Christmas in Thailand. But as I can see through Thai social media, people start to celebrate Christmas, have Christmas trees in the houses and exchange gifts.
My day started with helping my mom then Robert got me a tripod as a New Year gift.
I was so glad! I immediately sent my boyfriend a text. After I saw his text, I felt so guilty that it was my fault, he bought the same gift for me. It was my Christmas gift!
I must confess, every time we get into a fight, I never felt so terrible like this time.
Honey, you know you're my favorite boy.<3
My mom said : I should make a lobster menu for my boyfriend. 
( Cooking is not my favorite thing on the earth. ) It was too much seafood for us three. 
So next year we hope we see his face here. I know he loves food. :D
We never left the house. My family firstly thought they will visit a friend but we were really tired.
My mom and I prayed respect for Buddha over a New Year. 
I don't think we actually prayed cause my mom couldn't remember the right chant.
It made both of us laughed so out loud. 
Then we quickly ran to take some pictures of fireworks. My bad, I got nothing. :D

I hope this year will be the perfect year for everyone. 
Good night. <3