Wednesday, July 29, 2015


I can't stop counting! I have bad sleeping in two days. :'(
Not sure what exactly came to my mind or am I nervous, scared or what?
Only four days.... still counting. Maybe I stress my self too much.
And I should stop. I wish I could! Moving on........
Today was quietly cold outside.
So I couldn't think much what to wear and have been packing mostly everything in the boxes.
I just wore a white shirt with fringe that I had when I visited the temple. :D
A short that I had more than four times. Same hat and new boss-earrings.
No make up ( Can I say? ) I had only Lancome lipstick and Guerlain lip gloss.
 Nothing's specially with this look.
Anyway, after that I was running around the shops with my mom.
I finally found the perfect NYX violet lipstick. All I know I have to have it!

NYX lipstick with mango teen candy.

Lancome lipstick.
Guerlain lip gloss.

Good Night<3

Monday, July 27, 2015

Little Angels


I got every thing under control. Wait! What is control?
I mean I've  just been packing the whole week. I'm little excited.
Only six days then the waiting is over. Can't wait to get out of here.
Everything will scare me there.
 And I'm losing my hair, it's really thin. I wonder if I have some disease?
I bought clothes for the girls from Thailand, Diana got the clothes yesterday.
Finally she put little angels on those clothes. They are so cute as always! <3
They look perfectly fine, accept one dress is too big for Julia.
But she grows up fast. I hope next year it will fit her perfectly.


Have a nice day!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Festival Look

It was such a good weather but still so windy.
The Måns Zelmerlöw concert is over now. 
I can no longer stay in Rock Off Festival anymore, get really tired.
Feel so empty again when my boyfriend is gone.
Just two weeks than we can be together,more closer and that scared me a little bit.
New city, new life in Helsinki. 
 I hope everything is gonna be okay! I think I can learn Finnish fast. ( Maybe.)
Even It isn't the easiest thing to learn. But I won't give up.
I've always dreamed to move to Helsinki and learn Finnish.
Do you think I must be crazy? 

Festival Look
Spandex Off-Shoulder Top : American Apparel
Slit Skirt : My D.I.Y
Hat : Lindex

Good Night <3

Friday, July 17, 2015

If I was a flower going wild and free

I'm so glad that I  can finally meet my boyfriend after five weeks. ( I guess. )
He's on the way to Åland. I'm missing him like crazy!
I went to buy Rock Off tickets with my mom. Meanwhile I waited on the line, I saw someone
I knew before. But couldn't figure it out who was it?
Just a moment I saw that person again. 
My heart started to break, my hands started to shake.... My brain said... 
Yes! Of course! She must be! She is my boyfriends ex-lover. The one that he loved the most.
Am I being stupid again? Or over-thinking? That something would happen by now?
Why It all happens the same time?

Today look 
I can't hide all those floral clothes when I see the sun shines. :) 
 Sunglasses : Some shop in Helsinki
Top : Somewhere from Thailand
Skirt : CyberShop

Good Night. <3

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Moomin By Ivana Helsinki

Since when did Ivana Helsinki make the Moomin collection?
Of course... I missed it again.
I've been spending too much time crying and over-thinking about something over a year.
And I don't even know what is happening in fashion industry?
Sadly, I didn't get in to any schools. Ha! I won't give up, I'll try next year.
But I'm going move to Helsinki as soon as possible. 
Right now I'm loving cute Moomin collection by Ivana Helsinki. <3
God! I wanna own Moomin blue maxi dress! I really love it.
Here are some cute items on Ivana Helsinki online shop.
Can't believe, I missed the news! 

Hyvää Yötä! Good Night! <3