Thursday, June 30, 2016

The Secret Of Happiness



Top : Got from mom / Short and Vest : H&M

Hello happy Thursday!
I feel so so so happy. I can't even find the way to describe my feelings.
I did all the examinations and now only 3 days left to summer vocation.
I'm happy and healthy than last year. Don't have to mention what happened last year.  However, life goes on.
We went to Ole restaurant for a dinner. Robin suddenly wanted to taste snails.
I'm actually afraid of snails, specially during in fall season. 
We tasted it, it was okay but not delicious. After dinner we drove to center for ice-cream. Since I live here, it's the first time I see they sell lime ice-cream.
 It's one of my favorites. I often ate it in Thailand. That was my day.
I wish you all have a happy Friday tomorrow. 

Sunday, June 26, 2016


Floral dresses are popular for midsummer look. But this year I said no thank you.
My midsummer look, I chose white and orange for good combination.
It's simply good look for summer. The reason I didn't want to wear floral dress on midsummer because I wear floral dress almost every day and this year 
I wanted something else. I stop buying white and black tops. I'm getting bored to wear them. That's why I chose orange.
I also love those earrings from H&M. 
This year Robin and I spent our first midsummer together at his mother's cottage.
It supposed to be the most beautiful memories for us but only Robin shouldn't play with the fire. What can I say accidents happen all the time. Thank god, it wasn't a big thing but it was scary moment. Our hearts dropped down to the feet.  
I hopped everyone is okay and had enjoyed this week.
Did you have a great midsummer yesterday?

Have a nice day. <3

Skirt and accessories : H&M / Top : Gina Tricot

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Lucky Chinese Color

Hello Sunshine!
Today is very nice weather. I took my today outfit in the park. The old lady passed me and said in Finnish '' It's warm''. I said it back right away '' It's very nice.''
Her face turned blank. I'm from Thailand and I love the hot weather.
But we still can't trust Finnish summer. It can always start to rain.
  I wear a peplum hem skirt from Romwe  with a peplum top that I bought from Stockholm and the black belt, I think I bought it from Finnish shop, don't remember the name. 
Wearing the whole red today is absolutely fitted the theme. 
In this morning I just wanted eat squid then Robin took me to dinner in Chinese restaurant. 
I didn't expect that but he knows best.
Red is Chinese national color, you can specially see it everywhere in Chinese New Year 
or in China towns. Red represents good fortune, happiness and joy.
Peplum top or skirt fit is right for you, when you need to add curve on your body and
 if you like 40's style. Which I don't think I don't need it.
However, I must say we all have different styles and we should love our styles instead
caring much about what fits us or not. 
Fashion is art. Just have fun with it and you will find the happiness.

Have a nice day! <3

Friday, June 17, 2016

I Must Be A Sailor

Hello raining Friday!
How was your day? For me? 
Started with this morning the weather seemed so nice that why I decided to wear sailor style. 
 But when I just stepped out from the door, it started raining right away, like the fall season.
It wasn't cold but raining much. And sadly I lost one of my anchor earrings when I came home.
I didn't even know when it fell down. But I think Romwe sell the same earrings but in blue color.
Then later the weather was cool. I went outside my apartment and took photos.
I saw a car drove passed in wrong way but I didn't notice it. 
( A street to our apartment is a one way. )  Suddenly,I heard bang! 
I saw a man fell from his bike-cycle. I was shocked and shaken. I ran closer then I stopped.
Nice men got him up and I saw his face was full of blood. I was very confused and I didn't know what to do. I just ran back to my apartment and gave them papers. That was all I can do.
 I hope a man is okay now.
I'm sorry to tell you this but I have to let it out.
Anyway I also hope you like my outfit today. It's very simple outfit, summer look and trendy off-shoulder. Yeah and the outfit reminds me of Wonder Woman. Am I the only one, who thinks?

Good night<3