Monday, March 23, 2015


I've been so depressed  in a few days now.
I try to calm my self down, stop stressing my self and think positive. 
So hard!
 I used to spend most of my time looking for new dresses 
and watching comedy movies.
It helps sometimes, however.
Today when I read Thai news and I saw the young boy or should I say '' Lady boy''? =)
Nong Ma Deaw shared his creativity on his facebook and 
his images quickly spread all over the internet.
Now He's known as the next fashionista.
They say that he may be the next fashionista?
He showed the world that anything can be used in fashion.
He used the bed mosquito net, sarong and bed sheet to create his photo shoots.
And people really love how creative and fun he was!

 I can't ever stop smiling! :)



Kiss <3

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