Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Sunshine Day

Yesterday was beautiful day, little sunny but still coldly.
It took an hour and a haft to choose what to wear before I could start my day.  
Does anyone have the same problem?
I love this orange sweater that I got from my aunt and a floral dress I bought from Oxygene.
My mom and my aunt always buy clothes for me. Half of my clothes are from them.
Do not know why they still do that and I thankful for that. :)
I walked quickly to walking street. I was running around the shops, if I may find a present to Marianne.
I think is her name? She's Robin's aunt. Right? She married his uncle.
I found nothing but we bought something in the evening.
And when I walked in to a shop. I saw a lady with broken leg stood in front of the door.
There was a girl before her and a man before me. But none of them opened the door for her.
So as I saw her, I opened the door for her. 
She said Thank you in Finnish, I just gave only a smile back.
Then I heard her voice again then I turned my head. 
She was talking to me. I mistakenly said that I speak Finnish! No, I don't!
Then she said I see you're foreign cause Finn people never open the door for anyone.
Is it true? 
I was feeling good after that. :)
I must go and study Finnish. Tomorrow again to the class.

Have a nice day. <3 


  1. Fina kläder <3 Marianne heter hon ;) Linnea hette vår mormor :)
    O jo, det är sant att många i Finland inte hjälper andra människor :/ Tyvärr..

  2. Tack Tack! :) Jag ska ändras nu. :D Jag visste int att folk är såna. :/

  3. I finland är mesta av folket kalla och tänker på sig själv. Inte alla som tur ;)