Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Sailor Sailor

I have been planning to make a sailor hat quite a long time. 
I saw it sells on Beyond Retro for 9 £ and 1,40 € on eBay.
But I still have some of white fabrics left, so I decided to make my own sailor hat.
Yesterday I got an energy to do a pattern and sew, just few hours before Robin came home.
I didn't finish it yet, Robin came home early.
I continued sewing it this morning , of course I forgot to put extra seams, forgot that I wear a wig!
Bu my lazy sailor hat turned to be a bit small for my head but it look cute anyway. :)
After I finished, I turned my TV on and had a lunch.
 It was a Swedish film on svt World channel about a young sailor
 '' Kajan goes to the sea''.
The film is from 1943. I saw it til the ends. 
Think about how crazy is it. When you talk about someone or something then it shows up to you.
That is so crazy!
Tomorrow to the hospital again. I hate it very much!

Good day!