Saturday, June 13, 2015

Last Sunday : Vasa

 Robin with his favorite drink on earth. :P 

It took 6 hours by bus from Helsinki to Vasa. Our legs got so tired and we stayed at cute hotel.
At 8 am started entrance examination, it was a teamwork test. 
We got a picture of women, which we should come up new look for her.
I tried to understand what 3 girls in my group said about the style but It went quick that I didn't 
catch what they said.
 It was exactly that I predicted  it won't go well for teamwork test but the interview went okay.
After I finished,we took a walk around the city and the most important for me is have Thai food.
We found Thai House Restaurant. I'm so glad! Got a feeling that being in heaven.
I have never seen Thai restaurant in this style.
What can I say happiness never stays long? It was time to go home.
I stayed at his house in Helsinki for 2 nights and took the ferry home to Åland on Wednesday.
 I can't wait to spend my life with him. :/ I'm gonna miss him much.
Anyway on Monday I will be gone again to amazing Thailand.


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