Monday, September 19, 2016

I'll Sail The World To find You

Good day Monday!
Yesterday I got one easy project and it was to transform my old shirt to off-shoulder. 
Maybe transform is a little too beautiful for this easy d.i.y.
I actually forgot it the whole day. Ha, even I take fish oil, feel like it doesn't help.
Just one hour before I went to bed, this idea just suddenly came up. I quickly cut and sew it. 
The result is great. This off-shoulder matches with my new anchor earrings. 
They're cute cuff earrings from Lahtis but they quite hurt my ears.  
As we can see outside, today may be the end of the sunny day. It's so cold! 
That's why I choose to wear sailor style again. Surprisingly, I painted my nails too!
I'm very lucky today that my school day went fantastic too. What a day!
Big smile for today and fight for tomorrow.

Have a nice day! <3