Wednesday, January 4, 2017

New Year

Sweater : H&M ( gift )/ Skirt : Thailand/ Earrings : H&M/ Coat :Wish

Happy New Year!
Maybe it's little too late to say it but it's better to be late than never. 
I hope everyone had a good Christmas.
My Christmas day was the best day of the year. We got lots of presents.
Robin was with us this year and he wished I should be his family next year. Let me think about it. 
As you know me and my friends who live far away from home.
We always visit our parents when it's Christmas. Sometimes people don't understand because
they never stay far away from their families.
I never force him to be my family. I enjoy being with my family and enjoy being the only kid in
 the house. ( I never grow up, will I ? ) When I don't see them, I miss them so much. 
They are my biggest supports. 
For this new year 2017, I haven't decided what to do but many things are on my mind.
I should wait until the ends of the next week. 
I wish you all have a wonderful year and Buddha blesses! <3