Sunday, October 23, 2016

Just Smile Again

Sweater dress & Ring: Gina Tricot/ Coat & Earrings : H&M / Shoes :Nike/ Bag : Guess

Hello Sunny!
I'm so glad again that we can see everyone smiles again after a sadness week. 
All the Thai wedsides, Facebook's profiles has changed to color again.
I've been reading the news so happy to see Thais helped each others, give free food, give free black t-shirts, free ribbons.
The kindness made the world smiles and a better place to live.
But some people are still afraid to go out without wearing black clothes. 
For me I don't see it as a big deal.
 I bought a great sweater dress from
 GINA TRICOT for a Saturday date. 
 I really love it and it's so comfy.  
It was a difficult decision to choose but in the ends was the grey. And oh I didn't even know that my makeup was so pale.
But it doesn't matter I'll put red lipstick on next month.
Anyway we had a great time and a dinner at Rafeal's Steak House in Porvoo. 
We didn't book for reservation but luckily we got last the table. 
Only bad thing was the cold weather.

Have a great Monday. <3

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