Monday, May 16, 2016

Pinky Monday

Hello Monday.
Finally, I can pull out my pink skirt that I made in school for many years but I haven't put on me often. And my Emily the strange t-shirt, I bought also many years ago from Rock Zone in Stockholm.
Good memories. I still remember I was obsessed with Emily the strange back in 2007.
My skirt still looks good on me and it makes me taller. That is one good tip!

I walked back home. It was so cold with pouring rain.
Monday always is a tough day for us but today was calmer day we never had.
That made us so lazy today. However, it was a good day and Kouvola's basketball team just won Finland's master. And we got a visitor! A basketball captain came and visited us today at school.
I'm sorry I don't know his name because I never watched basketball. Actually, the day after they won,
our teacher showed the video. Dame it! He's so tall or am I short? I didn't say anything plus I just forgot what to say. I don't know why am I so shy? 
I just don't like when people look at me, when someone takes me a photo.
I always feel so uncomfortable. Maybe it will get better one day.
Now I'm going to enjoy my Ferraro Rocher that I got from Robin.  

Have a nice day. <3


  1. Ha ha ha! So short but you look so beautiful as always! ❤

  2. Ha ha ha! So short but you look so beautiful as always! ❤

  3. I was thinking, should I take photo with him or not. But I did. :D