Monday, October 10, 2016

And It's Monday.

Skirt & earrings : H&M / shirt :Thailand / necklace : gift 

Hello Monday!
It has been a while. I often say to myself : just try to blog as soon as I have time. 
But it always ended up being lazy.
I just had my best weekend here,
I was alone at home and made Inari sushi.
It tastes bad. Next time it will be okay.
About today's look 
I didn't think about anything when I put this outfit on me. I just hopped it won't be cold outside. This morning was nice weather but in the afternoon turned very cool. The best thing about this Monday is
 I passed the test.
That was a good feeling.  I still have difficult to communicate in Finnish with the other people. I really need time to relax at the break so I just speak English and Thai.
I hope soon I can communicate with them on Finnish. I don't want to stress myself cause I can see my hair falling off again.
I hope everything is okay with you.
Have a nice day. <3

Inari sushi.