Wednesday, July 29, 2015


I can't stop counting! I have bad sleeping in two days. :'(
Not sure what exactly came to my mind or am I nervous, scared or what?
Only four days.... still counting. Maybe I stress my self too much.
And I should stop. I wish I could! Moving on........
Today was quietly cold outside.
So I couldn't think much what to wear and have been packing mostly everything in the boxes.
I just wore a white shirt with fringe that I had when I visited the temple. :D
A short that I had more than four times. Same hat and new boss-earrings.
No make up ( Can I say? ) I had only Lancome lipstick and Guerlain lip gloss.
 Nothing's specially with this look.
Anyway, after that I was running around the shops with my mom.
I finally found the perfect NYX violet lipstick. All I know I have to have it!

NYX lipstick with mango teen candy.

Lancome lipstick.
Guerlain lip gloss.

Good Night<3

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