Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Moomin By Ivana Helsinki

Since when did Ivana Helsinki make the Moomin collection?
Of course... I missed it again.
I've been spending too much time crying and over-thinking about something over a year.
And I don't even know what is happening in fashion industry?
Sadly, I didn't get in to any schools. Ha! I won't give up, I'll try next year.
But I'm going move to Helsinki as soon as possible. 
Right now I'm loving cute Moomin collection by Ivana Helsinki. <3
God! I wanna own Moomin blue maxi dress! I really love it.
Here are some cute items on Ivana Helsinki online shop.
Can't believe, I missed the news! 

Hyvää Yötä! Good Night! <3

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