Thursday, July 14, 2016

Some Day It Storms, Some Day It Shines, This's How Flowers Grow

Hello Thursday!
Don't know what I'm going to start to tell you.... Let start with a good new.
Tomorrow we're going to pack then Saturday morning we will begin our journey.
We'll travel all the way long to north Finland by our very cute car. I'm so excited to see my mom. Even she doesn't live there. Just only few days. Then we'll drive to Turku harbor then to Mariehamn.
I can't wait for it! In the same time I still think about one thing that happened last week. 
I can't decide it. Should I say it or not? It's not a dead stuff. Whatever. I should wait and see.
It storms, it shines and life must go on. 
When I see the sun shines today, I knew it, I must go out. I went out and our neighbor passed me by.
I think he's about 60 years old.  In Thailand we don't use much ''she'' or ''he''. 
I would our neighbor as grandpa. When he saw me with the camera, we started to talk very much.
You can guess, I can only say yes and no. He was nice. I would love to understand him more.
I guess in 10 years I'll understand it all. :) No kidding. You should come and learn this language.
Then you'll understand why I complained a lots.

Have a nice day. <3

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