Saturday, May 7, 2016

Thailand 2016

Here some pictures from Thailand. I don't know should I put them on my blog or not?
But the less I know I was happy to see everyone there, even my grandmother is gone.
We still miss her. I love Bangkok, Thailand. It doesn't matter how messy this land can be.
I still love and want to be there.
Have a nice day. <3

Nongbuo Temple in Surin.

We stuck in traffic jam.

The first time I saw Bangkok's Hua Lamphong railway station.

White waited for the train. 

Finally time for Dunkin Donuts. Pon De Ring. <3

Oreo Ice-cream.

With my best friends. Ang and Kwan. <3

Breakfast at Hotel.

At Thai- Isan restaurant in Saraburi. My favorite place, I have to visit every time I'm in Saraburi.

Sunny Sunday was the last time we saw our mother/grandmother. R.I:P <3


  1. Amazing photos, I love the photo of the temple... so beautiful!

    1. I agreed with you. If you go to Thailand, try to go and visit temples. :)