Wednesday, July 27, 2016


Hello Wednesday!
How are you? For me I'm already tired after school day started.
We got new students. That's a good thing happened in this week.
Right now I'm feeling okay so I must get start doing a post.
Here are some pictures from our trip in Lapland and Sweden. 
The weather was nice, rainy, windy and sunny in Lapland.
Our destination was Three-Country Cairn. 
Three-Country Cairn is a marking point where Norway, Finland and Sweden meet.
Robin knew that I'm not that kind of a person, who would do a bungee jump, who would be in forest.
 I'm not like the other girls robin took home before and I will never be.
So I didn't expect that he would propose to me, which he told me ,it will never happen if I can do one thing for him. As I said to him before, I can't do it cause I don't even have a reason.
When we were at the marking point and done taking photos. I quickly said : let go back to the boat. 
He said wait and acted normal. I thought he wanted more pictures cause a nice man took us two pictures. We had a tripod, why not use it? Later there were four persons left on the place.
He started talking weird : Thank you for coming with me, I know you don't like camping.....
I love you so... He imagined many things and then I just kidded with him where is the ring.
He gave me a shy smile and said I have a gift for you. I said it right away Don't do that!
There were still people in the place. I didn't know if he tried to joke around.
 In meanwhile my tears dropped and then he got down his knee. I laughed and cried.
One of the reasons I cried I thought chocolate was a gift to me.
In the moment I thought what we have been through and I could only think about happiness.
Thank you, Robin!

Have a nice day. <3