Thursday, July 28, 2016

Never Let Go Of Your Dreams

It's raining outside right now. Little pouring rain won't kill anyone.
It should rain yesterday cause the weather was heat. School day went okay, still boring as usual.
Tomorrow is Friday. Isn't a nice day that we've been waiting for?
I don't have no plans for tomorrow, only wish school ends early. 
Today I'm wearing a choker and a jade bracelet from China. Both things I got from my mom.
I showed a jade bracelet to Pan Li. She said it's for good luck. :)
If you read my blog before, you knew that I mentioned  many things I got from my mom and aunt.
It's normal for Asian parents. They're like that. You can also search Asian parents and watch on YouTube. I watched last week. It's so funny. I must get going.
Good night everyone. <3

Tank top & Boots : H&M / Jeans : Levis/ Choker ( a gift ) : Thailand / Jade bracelet : China