Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year!
It's another New Year passed by, still Thai tradition New Year is coming. 
Celebrate, celebrate and celebrate. 
I should say it on Sunday but couldn't have time to write.
I waited for my friends in railway station. Ria and Riam were at home.
It's nice to see them again.
We just had some short conversation. Jenni was the one, who is always excited with every thing.
I saw the others were so bored and they didn't want to taste Chinese food. 
So Jenni and I let them eat something else. After their dinner at Berger King, they were with us only few minutes then they decided to leave early.  
Jenni were shopping a shopaholic.
I wanted to eat Chinese pork buns but I was to lazy to wait on the line. We ate only Noodles!
Lucky me, on Monday Pan Li brought her home made pork buns and shrimp chips.
They are small buns but it's good and original. 

I wish you a Happy Chinese New Year, hope this new year may wash all your painful memories
from the past and bring happiness and good luck to you!

Good Night. <3

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