Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Romwe Tryon

 Sunday 24th January, I ordered clothes from Romwe and they was shipped on Wednesday.
That was it said on e-mail. It took two weeks, I got packet last Monday.
There's one items is out of order, which means I should get my money back but I haven't got it yet.
It's okay. I got them now so I'm glad.
I had not read about the other experience about Romwe before I ordered.
If you heard about Romwe, you know it's a cheap shopping online side.
I heard both negative and positive comments. The sizes, shipping, wrong items, refund
I was no longer sure I'll get my orders.
This was the first time I shopped online. One of the biggest reasons I never shopped online before,
cause I was too scared that I won't get things I want. 
As we knew clothes from Romwe are sickly cheap and yes, they made from Asia.
You can't expect any perfect quality from them. I was very happy for what I got.
Even I know I have pear body type, I either expect the clothes to fit me well.
I tried my new clothes on before I sewed them in. On the bottom they fitted perfectly good but
on the top they loose, sadly I lost few kg. They looked terrible on me.
But now the problem is off. Here what I got from Romwe.
A white blouse, a white dress, anchor earrings, brooch, necklace, choker and a red dress that 
I had on Saturday. You can see it on my previous post here.

Good night.<3

White Blouse <3 Here <3

<3 White Cut Out Dress <3 
Anchor Earrings <3  Here <3
Anchor necklace <3 Here <3

Anchor Brooch <3  Here <3

Choker <3 Here <3

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