Thursday, February 25, 2016

No One Can Get In The Way Of what I Feel For You

What a release day! On Tuesday we had a big Finnish test. That was what teacher said say : big test!
I was 100 % sure, I spelled some words wrong.
I was so released after we got our tests back today. I almost ran back to my home.
60 points out of 60 points! I did my best. Our teacher said it's okay that I spelled wrong. :)
At least a thing good  happened to me. 
Well, as you can see in the pictures. Those pictures ware taken in Tuuri.
 I was wearing a dress from American Apparel.
This dress always reminds me of the first day I met my boyfriend.
Every time I think of it, it got me smile from ear to ear. 

Good night.<3 

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