Tuesday, May 10, 2016

All About The Anchors

Hello Tuesday!
I felt relaxed after we did the test.  I ate a chocolate ice-cream to relax myself.
I did my best but I know the last paper was terribly scared.
The paper was full with Finnish texts and I couldn't find any answers.
However, it's getting be to good weather. What not wearing a dress?
I love dresses and love to put them on. Cause I don't have to match the clothes, it always wastes my time every morning and I have to run to school.
I'm wearing a polka dots dress from Cyber Shop, anchor earrings and anchor brooch from Romwe.
It fits right but I wished it could be anchors on the dress. 
I can't get enough of anchors. :) 
50's look and sailor style always in my mind. I can wear them everyday.
Friday to Helsinki again and I must visit Cyber Shop this time.

Have a nice day. <3


  1. From one Sailor to another, I salute you. You are always such a cutie... Looking forward to your next post!