Thursday, February 4, 2016

Let Celebrate! Chinese New Year 2016

Pictures from 2014.

Good evening!
How are you doing? My day is fine except I broke my nail this morning! 
I spent time with Ria, Riam and their sister after school.
It was such a lovely day. I love those girls so much.
I am always tired at school and after school. I have no inspiration to put words on my blog.
Our Finnish lessen is getting harder. Sometimes it makes me want to fall asleep in the class. :D
That's right! We should've respect our mathematics teachers more then we did. :D 
Anyway, guess what's going to happen this week? 
Chinese New Year! It's going to happen on Sunday 7th at Keskuskatu in Helsinki.
More information
I and Jenni were there in 2014. Few weeks before I met my Robin.
I put old pictures because Robin didn't remember how I looked like when we first met. 
This year we are going to celebrate again and I'll take Ria and Riam with me. Stella, Ronja and her boyfriend will be there too. I hope so.
I've seen them for a year. I wanna know what's going on with their lives right now.
So if you're free on Sunday, please come and join us. Specially if you were my old friends. :)
I'm looking forward.

Good night<3 

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