Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Best Gift I Ever Had Is You.

Feeling so tired...... maybe because of this weather but at least it's getting warm.
It was raining since yesterday, it melted little snow away that we see the ground again.
I hope it won't snow again, I just had enough for it.
At school Maria gave me some good advice for me to do. 
What she said is right but I'm not going to be someone that I'm not and trying to make anyone 
happy while they can hurt my feelings.

Finally, Robin got a new car today, he has been waiting for so long. I can see how happy he is. :)
On Saturday we visited Robin's godmother in Porvoo. She give us a candle jar as Christmas gift.
It smells so good! 

And the last thing I never mention that I always wanted a Draceana.
Robin gave it to me in the first week of this month. We saw it in the flower shop while we almost 
walked out from the shopping mall.
I was sure it was the one I wanted. Robin brought it for me right away and said ''Merry Christmas!''.
In Thai Draceana calls tun wad sa na which means destiny, lucky and fortune.
It's like a Feng Shui. People believe ti's good to have one at home. :)

Good night. <3

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  1. Pimlada Choo, you are just amazing! My boyfriend also does not like anything expensive. So, I always find the creative gifts for boyfriend. Stay blessed!