Tuesday, March 1, 2016

For got ten Day

We did presentation today. What a funny day, we laughed on each other so hard! 
I forgot to charge my camera battery so I got only one picture of me. 
The first picture, I captured out of my video that sent by Mariam.
Because Ria forgot to send me pictures of our group. That was my solution. Capture!
Let hope she will send them tomorrow.

Robin's mom and her boyfriend were in Thailand for two weeks ago.
We got candle holders and a paint from them. ( I don't know what the name of a paint. )
Thank you so much.
So many people have been asking me, what do I miss from Thailand the most?
My only one answer is my lifestyle. I've been trying to get back my old lifestyle, I can absolutely  
say since I moved here to Thailand. I love being in the big city.
Anyway, let cut the feeling off before it will wake me up all night.
 Robin came home today with Chinese paper cut. His Chinese co-workers gave it to him.
I like it but where we are going to put them on?
Now my boyfriend is waiting for me in the bed. Okay, it sounds dirty but it's not what you think.
Good night. <3

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