Sunday, April 10, 2016

Here Comes The Day..............................

This week was very messed. It wasn't Finnish that made us headache. Friday was even worse.
We had mathematics. It's not absolutely my favorite. Pan Li was the only one, who understood.
Last week my cousin sent me a message that my grandma is losing her memories.
I think it's normal that older people lose their memories.   
After I got a message, she was in hospital. It's something wrong with her kidney.
I couldn't sleep on Friday. I walked around house, lighted the candles and prayed.
Prayed until I almost slept on the couch.
Mom said it's karma and auntie said she may not survive until December.
But it's only grandma that we worried about. There's something else.
One of my cousin has some plan. As I can see it's not a good plan and it will break everything apart.
I understand if someone is from outside your world, hurts you. But if one of your family, the same blood, the same father and mother tries to hurt you. 
 I know that person is always selfish but what does family means? 
 I can't except it.
 I can be able to see them again and talk with them like nothing never happened.
I still hope the person won't do anything stupid. If it turned to be that way, then My mom and I have to stop keep in touch with the person. 
I can't believe blood is not thicker enough.
Someone people never knew what I have been through. Judge, judge me all the time.
I already told them, I have my own problems but still, someone people get involved.

We will let karma finish this.

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