Friday, April 1, 2016

April April

Hello April!
Today is the first of April. Has anyone fooled you yet?  
It isn't a new thing that the weather here is cold. Finland can't never spell a word ''hot''. (Hihi.)
I hope happiness will come and say hello to me soon. 
Robin and I went to Veturi. Actually, I was with my classmates there since 12 O'clock.
Robin bought new Lee jeans and I bought things that I need. ( on the photos )
We were looking for a gift to Julie but couldn't find anything yet.
 After shopping we ate pizzas at Koti Pizza then later we went to cinema and saw Batman vs Superman.
I guessed Robin was so tired yesterday that he forgot to charge his phone.
And I always set the alarm in 6.00 - 6.30. Luckily Robin woke up as normally at 7.
We could have been late. 

A postcard to Karin.

It's a normal Friday with a normal feeling.
Pan Li made stir beef and stir chicken. They look delicious but I didn't taste it. 
I had stuffed cabbage for lunch . Ria and Riam don't like school's lunch today.
I think it tastes 100 % better than bean soup.
 But why some people hate it?
I feel much better than the last few months. I can sleep better and eat better.
I get hungry all the time, still didn't gain weight yet.
There's a hope for a good thing to happen tomorrow.

Happy April's Day! <3

My dinner today is kind of Suki.

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