Monday, April 4, 2016

Miss Rockabilly

Hello Monday.
My brain got a virus. It named a type F Finnish grammar. I have only 3 months left.
So you won't see me tomorrow at school. Goodbye my friends!
Maybe, I should stop joking around but I can take anything too serious right now.
Because my brain is heavy. Today Miss Rockabilly is out of the minds. 
It doesn't matter how hard life can be, I can only put a smile on my face.
Maybe it's Monday that why it makes  us feel a little bit tired than usually.
I chose the right outfit for Monday. Those cute bow earrings and bow clips from H&M,
which I just wanted only anchor earrings. :) A polka dots dress described right my feeling today in school. Messy and Dizzy! I saw messy things on the white board. 
How hard can Finnish language be? It's definitely different and difficult.    
Well well, life must go on. I better continue reading Finnish.  

Good night. <3
Earrings from H&M here