Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Let The Sunshine In

Let the sunshine in is the only sentence I can say today.
Hello Tuesday!
Today is better than yesterday. What happens to the world? I was stressful with everything.
Friday to Monday. Yesterday our car didn't start, which I just had 15 minutes left before school started. It takes 30 minutes from home to school. I've never been late.
Then I walked faster and I got a gift for walk fast. A blister on my foot and I was late!
What a lucky am I. ( Sarcastic ) Then later we had the test again. I was never felt so insecure like yesterday. I got 50% right. Where was my mind yesterday?
Is it happening? Is that for real? Is that what they called 'Phra Rahu Om Chan or Lunar Eclipse?
But I told my teacher what happened before we hade the test.
She gave very good advice but the most thing I remember from her is let the sunshine.
 Focus on school, the future is coming.

Lesson for today went slow. I think we are stressing ourselves so much for learning Finnish.
My classmate asked what happened yesterday? Am I okay?
I honestly told him. He said : it's because of the language, sometimes I don't want to be here.
When I heard he said that, I felt I almost swoon. But he was right. 
Everyone has their plans, most of them are going to move away. 
However, an hour before we finished school, our teacher walked to window then she asked :
do you want to Cafe? We was confused why said that but I said yes right away.
Because last year was the last time I was in Cafe. I love being at the Cafe.
I told Riam I don't like to be at someone's house and drick coffee.
She siad it's better to go to Cafe. :) See! there's many people think the same.
We were at Coffee House today and we had to speak Finnish.
I must say I really miss Jennifer, Nanni , Anki and everyone in Tammisaari. 
Jennifer and I went often to Cafe. I must go visit them one day.

Have a nice day. <3