Monday, May 25, 2015

William's Baptism Ceremony & Diana's Wedding

With Mr. Robin <3 Thanks for the happiness! <3 

We arrived to Helsinki on Friday. I already felt that happiness was waiting for me there.
We went from the harbor to bus station by a tram. :) Damn! I was so exciting!
Then we took a bus straight to his parents' house.
My boyfriend was exciting too. He took out his Honda motorcycle and drove around the town.
I got to meet and hold William for the first time. He was adorable! <3
Sadly, Sara didn't let me come close to her like the last I saw her. :/
Later we drove to Porvoo for meeting Jennifer and his friends.

Saturday was the big day for Diana. It was two ceremonies.
 Little William's baptism ceremony and her wedding.  :)
I was so happy to be there and celebrated with everyone. Even though I'm still the outside. 
I took many pictures but they aren't perfect, I already forget the whole things that 
I learned from photo course in school. :P
I guess I haven't been so happy since I moved back home.
It was so amazing weekend. I felt much better.
And surprisingly my boyfriend told me how he felt after he saw his sister got married. :P
I never gonna believe those words would ever come out from his mouth. <3 :) ;)
I couldn't shut my mouth after that. :)
Well well well...
Big congrats to Diana, His husband and the whole family! <3
Hope We'll see each other again cause I love to hold Little William in my arms.

With Beautiful bride Diana. Good luck with the future!

Good Night. <3

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