Thursday, May 14, 2015

Christian Louboutin Bridal Colletion


I got the invitation from Mikaela to her exhibition in Tammisaari.
 I definitely wanna be there but Diana's wedding is next Saturday. ( My boyfriend's sister.)
So if I wanted to go, I must stay there for a week until my boyfriend is in Helsinki 
and I have no places t stay.
I miss Tammisaari!
However, I am very excited to leave this town just a few days. :)
I checked Diana's blog, saw that she has amazing bridal high heels.
Sadly it's in Finnish that why I  can only see the pictures.
The only one designed high heels all girls wanna wear in  theirs wedding is
Christian Louboutin .
Am I wrong? :D

Here are some beautiful high heels from Christian Louboutin Bridal Collection.

 This's favorite one! <3 
I would die in this heels.

Have a good day!

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