Friday, May 29, 2015

Robin's graduation

First of all I want to say congratulations to my honey!
You're deserved it!
After four years you have been here, you can finally go home to your mommy! ;)
His parents came here on Wednesday. His mom asked if My mom and I will make Thai food, but we got no time. So we had dinner in Thai-Isan restaurant instead.
Time files..... 
On Thursday Robin received his bachelor degree from Åland University Of Applied  Sciences.
A new mechanical engineer is born.
When the ceremony ends, we picked up Tor-Erik and we cerebrated for him at my house.
Later that day Robin was out to cerebrating with his friends and we made some sushi for his parents.
Glad to see when Babo loves tasting wasabi. :)
Here comes the day I'm without him again..................
I tried not to thinking of him but it seems hard already, after a year we spent time here together.

Just know that whatever happens tomorrow I will always love you.
Robin had a conversion with a retried captain Tor-Erik.  

Good Night <3

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