Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Beginning Make Up

Well, well, well..... Am I only one person in this world, who loves fashion 
but knows nothing about make up?
School was the biggest reason I stopped putting make up on me.
Because school started around haft past eight a.m. ( I guess what I remember.)
and I wasn't a morning person, still not.
I just had no time to do make up and I was also lazy to clean my face in the evenings.
The only thing I wanted to do n the mornings, is clam myself and have some breakfast.
 I always planed what to wear three weeks before I wore them. :)
That was why it didn't concern me at all. XD
So right now now I'm trying to learn make up again. It's not easy!

But thanks to YouTube, it's always useful. 

I tried to apply eyeliner like Michelle Phan said on her video.

And the result is............
not that bad!
I just need to practice more. 

Good night!

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