Thursday, May 7, 2015

Sunny Day

Hi Sunny Day!
We went to the Jomala church today for just a couple minutes, to see where Rut's body will lay down.
I'm missing her so much. <3
I just got a dream about her last night,in the dream there was our family came to her house.
I saw her stood beside her husband ( Tor-Erik ) I walked directly to her, gave her a hug 
and I asked her '' How do you feel?''.
She smiled at me and said I'm fine.

Before we went to the church, I finished my second skirt. 
So glad that I did it! It was a h&m tank top and I cut it in 2 pieces.
I had my d.i.y crop top when me and my boyfriend went to Tallinn i February.
I knew that I can make something with second pieces.
Just added a bias tape and white tulle? I guess what it called?
 It looks great! 
Only a sequin tank top left and soon will be the photo shoot day!!

Today Look. Tor said see, what are you wearing? It's not summer yet. :D

Good Night <3

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