Wednesday, August 3, 2016

A crayfish party is coming......

Hello Wednesday! 
How are you? Today is no stressful day.
The weather in Finland is always cold in the morning then
 in the afternoon is rainy and the end of the day is sunny.
The sun is shining just in the right time I'm going to bed. Before going to bed, 
Robin and I have planned our crayfish party for quite a long time and now we decided to have our two best friends coming over here and celebrate with us in the middle of this month. A crayfish party is a Swedish tradition, which I gussed and I'm sure there's not so many people here in Finland have tasted crayfishes before. 
I still remembered Robin tasted a crayfish first time at my house.
 Simon and Jenni will be our guests for this year. And not a surprise thing Jenni told me she never tasted it either.Crayfishes are so delicious!
I just accidentally watched Thai food program today and it was about crayfishes. 
It's very cool to hear that a 20 years old man, who has grown the crayfishes for fun and now he has a crayfish farm plus a rice farm. He's very lucky. 
It seems like a good business. At least I knew how to peel the crayfish the right way. :D 
Last time we were in Mariehamn, we ate small lobsters.
 Delicious that what Robin said. But I still want to eat a fresh lobster.
Are you going to celebrate a crayfish party?

Good night and sweet dream!

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